3 comments on “Ask the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Candidates (Parts 1 and 2)

  1. Majority of the candidAtes sound very artificial. Is that because they speak in English or its their lack of tv,/public speaking exposure ? If u watch Miss USA . Most candidates sound just fine .
    Pangasinan Laguna and ? Mtsamis Oriental are very pretty ….And the girl with a Japanese name sounds good.

  2. Although the quality of the videos vary greatly, due perhaps to location, signal strength, and hardware, it cannot be denied that this is another novel initiative to keep the fans engaged while waiting for the pageant proper. It augurs well for brand-building when the fans are carried along on the road to the crown, not mere passive spectators to a line up of still pictures.

  3. Blogger Boy, I think you forgot to tag Noreen (?) Mangawit of Kalinga. She sounded very natural, here, along with Ivanna Kamil Pacis (Makati City) and Adee Hitomi Akiyama (Oriental Mindoro).

    Maricres Castro of Muntinlupa City looked like she was at MI. Very Natsuki Tsutsui “emotions”.

    Ericka Evangelista’s SMILY-CHEERY demeanor reminded me of ultra-friendly/courteous mall elevator operators – “Good afternoon, Ma’m/Sir. Welcome to the elevator. For your safety, please hang on to your personal belongings. For your convenience, allow the pregnant elderly and disabled minors to disembark with pleasure. And for your comfort, observe social distancure (!) to the very best of your abilities. Thank you for riding with us and we hope to see you again in a future flight. Please do not hesitate to like our IG – @(name of mall) – and drop your comments to give your feedback. Have a PHENOMENAL day of shopping with us!”. End of SHORT elevator ride.


    Btw, PLEASE CUT OUT the “that’s a very good question” or the repetition/re-statement of it in the answer. Also, “thank you for the question”. This wastes precious time. Now, if this is meant to update (us) fans on the status of candidates as far as Q&A is concerned, over-all I will say they are coming along very nicely. However,…. it is the questions themselves that require editing. These obviously sound and read as if made by over-zealous gay pageant media members. Why don’t they just ask very practical questions? This self-promotion by asking about overly-relevant-important-timely matters is beginning to cause ear bleed. LET GO OF IT ALREADY, GUYS.

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