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    • @ Sjeffie Cheon YYAAASSSS!!!!! Fillers for the following result….

      MWP > Milo(2x)’s representative
      MEco-Filipinas > Sharifa Akeel
      MEco-Filipinas Teen > Mr. Tinio, SI NICOLE MINANO, PO. PLEASE LANG…. 🙂
      RHF > MAM of Quezon Province (clue : MCV, 2018, Happy Birthday)
      MMP > SRPA (clue : car show girl)
      MPT > any repeater from last year.
      Mystery title > SS! (clue : Fil-Brit. There was already talk she is being groomed for MWP).

      AND,…. I will NOT be surprised if a cross-over National kween of Euro-‘Noy extraction* will resurface. She was probably plagued by residency issues but by end-2020 it should be resolved. All I can say is, “non averre paura”.

      (* – I would like to think The Camp is secretly supervising her. She was the subject here some posts back, sporting what looked like enhanced lips, therefore “fillers” and confirming @ Sjeffie Cheon’s suspicions…. After all, their three (3)-ward limit** will clear up once a MUP is crowned a month earlier. Kumbaga at by then, second batch na siya at puwede na siya’ng formally i-announce nila. Right, @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados?)

      (** – And for that matter, I think The Camp can accept a foreign trainee, now that they have gotten a feel for the ropes with ABC. Blogger Boss, DO NOT FORGET THE 3K’s – Kathmandu, Kingston, & Kuala Lumpur!)

  1. Narito na rin lang tayo, I want an ALL-WHITE-SETTLER “Afrikaans” for MSA 2020.

    Am NOT to crazy about this year’s black and biracial bets.

    Since mukha’ng mauuna ang MW sa MU, then the winner will be sent to the former.

    Natassia Joubert, Chantelle Pretorius, & Savannah Schutzler will FULLY COMPLY with @ Fabian Reyes’ penchant for the Western/WASP-y ideal.

    MSA this year holds franchises for Universe, World, & Supranational.

    • @Flor as far as I know, Miss SA has been crowning one MW-SA and one MU-SA since 2018. And then once the ladies already have assigned titles, they battle once again in one final round of Q&A to determine which among them will be “Miss South Africa”. It just so happens that in both 2018 and 2019 the lady who got the MU-SA title emerges victorious in that final round. Now that the Supranational franchise is also with the Miss SA organization, there’s a chance that whoever wins MS-SA might win the “Miss South Africa” title.

      So to your comment, it does not matter kung anong mauna between MW and MU (and Supra) kasi as early as the finals night ng Miss SA meron nang selected winner for each pageant

  2. They better make this pageant interesting – with brighter and more glossy staging .. and more close up shots of the girls . I also hope that they make this a real competition where girls win based on performance on the finals night

  3. wait sir norman so the winner of mwp miss multinational 2020 winner will be send on dec pageant this year? paano po si duday? if mwp cannot do the coronation more earlier. i think it gives more time for the representatives to prepare for international competition if mwp will do appointing for 2020 pageant competition. pumili nalang sa mga naging past runner ups or semifinalist last year.

      • cant understand why if ever d sya ipadala sa dec. ist she is the reigning queen. second. shes not over aged i think? personal reason? i dont think so. what possible reason i missed? dahil lang sa new development d na i sesend 🤔 how about kelly day? mas ok sana i send nalang si duday sa miss world. or kelly day. i think may basbas din ni julia ang appoint candidate lalo na this year.

      • Isabelle’s recent transfer to ABS-CBN could be one of the reasons why. As far as Kelley Day is concerned, she is still a go for Miss Eco.

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