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  1. On the criticism below that commenters are “paenglishan para masabing ibang level… in the end bakla pa rin.. walang nilamang”: This blogsite is a forum for all pageant enthusists coming from a wide swath of sexual orientation, socio-economic background, political persuation, educational attainment, generational divide, career status, and religious affiliation. One thing that gravitates people to this site is the marvelous hodgepodge of voices—from the irreverent to serious, inane to intelligent, girlish to macho bravado, cringeworthy to intellectual — and the colorful cacophony of language— gayspeak to straight talk, vulgar to formal, Cebuano to Ilocano to Taglish to English. Here, everyone come as they are. And learn from each other. No one can accuse the other of hegemony.

    • As a free marketplace of ideas, this blogsite is expectedly a noisy hub of criticisms of all types. For some of us who are familiar with the psychology of criticism, we know that criticism is an easy form of ego defense. It tells us more about the psychology of the critic than the people being criticized. We don’t criticize because we disagree with a behavior or an attribute. We criticize because we try to improve our feeling of self-worth by negating the worth of the person on the other side. Psychologists agree that criticism has its base in self-hate.

      • Thank you, Sir Norman. This blog is my only link to pageantry, busy as I am on my work. I may come from a different level with a different perspective, but I must admit I learn a lot from the diverse entries. I may disagree with C2F’s political views but I get snippets of Philippine history and culture. I may dislike Bong700’s politics but his inimitable writing style make me smile (and smirk!). Fabian always disagrees with me but that is his view that should be respected. Claire always dishes out juicy grapevine tidbits which I would never get anywhere else. Serge always writes sensibly that is worth looking forward to. I may not agree with CatrionaFan most times, but I give her a thumbs up at times. Paul writes with brutal frankness but that is expected of a social realist. And Flor– the indefatigable adorable Flor with her brilliant ideas always behind the veneer of everyday shallowness—she always makes my day!

      • Thank you Scorg. Love you for that one great statement before that of Flor’s. Feeling ko tuloy parang ako ang first runner up kay Flor na siyang ultimate winner. Echos! Parang ang tagal kong nawala at may malaking pangyayari na pala rito. May digmaan ng ideas. He, he, he…

      • Talaga ba madam…calling the attention of the baklers, aliens, angel guides, empaths…alam nyo hahaha.

      • talaga ba madam…calling all the empaths of the world…char!!!

    • I find it sad when someone criticises another as “bakla ka pa rin”, connoting that no matter what one has achieved in life, he still is the lowly “bakla pa rin” at the end of the day. The pathos easily shifts into the imagery of masochism the moment this comes from a fellow member of the gay community. Why self-flaggelate? When we think of Ricky Martin, Elton John, the famous couturiers, and othe gay greats, why is the first impulse “bakla pa rin” instead of “bakla kasi”? Pageantry is a celebration of beauty whatever the sexual orientation is. Part of the celebration is lifting up one another through mutual build- up of self-esteem.

      • Masyado ka lang nagiging sensitive knowing that I am here in Eastern Europe too…nagpapaawa ba tayo?

      • @ scorg Sino nga pala ‘yung mathematician sa “A Beautiful Mind’ (film) na nag-suicide kasi ayaw niya’ng ma-out siya?

      • The movie “A Beautiful Mind” portrays the struggles of John Nash, a schizophrenic Nobel Prize recipient mathematician. On the other hand, “Imitation Game” is about Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician during WW2 who persecuted after the war because of his sexual orientation.

  2. Ang napansin ko lang sa pagiging virtual ng pageantry, naging mas expensive sa part ng candidate yung competition kasi they have to create their own stage, do their own make up, buy their own accessories!

    Pero very impressive talaga Miss Earth! Talagang unstoppable sila sa pag-proceed ng pageantry!

  3. Bakit kelangan gumawa ng Set. Nagsasayang lang ng props tapos itatapon. Oh the Irony of MPE!


  4. The top winner’s costume is amazing . It can win at MU
    And she is also pretty .

    • @ Fabian Reyes I stand in diametric opposition to you. I HATE it.

      CDO/MisOr needs to realize the “Kuyamis” (golden coconut, right?) does not make for a very streamlined NatCos concept. Literal, like this, they look like colorful tumors. That print on Isobel’s skirt look like crocodile scales. I do not associate crocodile with MisOr. Palawan or Davao, maybe… And in male pageantry, “kuyamis” appear as extra sets of testicles. 😦

      The key is to NOT be literal in interpreting the coconut. A suggestion of it is sufficient. For example, if I were to go with that skirt print, I could suggest alternating-but-interwoven husk-fibers of the regular brown (dried) and golden coconut to achieve the effect. Again, DON’T BE LITERAL.

      And please do away with the tacky halo at the back. It’s too Sinulog (although it is true that historically the area is predominant Cebuano settlement).

      Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE CDO/MisOr. Have been there four (4) times. Lars Pacheco does. Jasaan siya now, guys? 🙂

      • Flor , thanks for the interpretation . However , winning the NC at MU or any intentional pageant is mainly based on visuals as the judges don’t have but several seconds to look at the girl in her NC.

      • @ Miss Flor- anong rate down. Tamang hinala ka naman po madam. Baka naman po yung iba jan un, kasi aminin man nila o hindi eh naiinsecure na sila sayo kasi nga namention ka ni Sir Norman. Anyway Miss Flor, humahanga pa din ako sa mga komento mo. Love, love, love.

  5. mga bakla magcomment na kayo ng paenglishan para masabing ibang level…in the end mga bakla pa din kayo.walang inilamang

      • Hindi ganyan ang sinabi ko baks. Kaya nagkakaroon ng inequality ek ek kasi yung ibang bakla eh masyadong mataas ang tingin sa sarili nila na feeling nila eh lamang na sila sa iba…Pinapaalala ko lang na ang kung sa LGBT nga OA na ang kompetisyon paano pa kaya sa iba.

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez ‘Ah…. ikaw pala ‘yung nag-Rate Down sa ‘kin.


      Pero tama si @ Fabian Reyes. Kailangan EYE-CATCHING para mapansin ang NatCos in the Internationals. And this one certainly is. Pero kung ganito rin lang, future Miss Davao (whichever) should deck herself in durian, mangosteen, or Cavendish bananas (KAILANGAN HILAW PA!). Miss San Pedro (Laguna) once wore clusters of lansones (longkong to those of you in Mindanao) and that went well….. KERI!

      Mr. Tinio in his FB page created a selection which imo was the best of this batch. Go see, po.

      Parang si Miss Grand Indonesia – Kalimantan dati, ang NatCos, orangutan. So, she festoons small stuffed toy primates on her body suit. Imagine Miss Bohol with tarsier souvenir plush toys on her.

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