5 comments on “Getting to know more about the Eco Angels of Miss Philippines Earth 2020 – Part 2

  1. If the stats are reliable (and I will assume they are), and combining the bios impressions with the face value, Llanes – 5’9″! – is dark horse material!

    Mann, because Filipinoys in general skew towards the WASP-y (MYGAWD. We even emulate Southern California strip mall architecture), gets our attention. But her sad-looking one-piece bathing suit in the Beauty of Figure & Poise preliminary is inconsistent with ME’s emphasis on the hourglass whistle-bait physique. In other words, she registers like the Great Plains – featureless (though she hails from curvaceous-enough Florida) and bland-boring.

    I already said her bio offers nothing exciting/exceptional. SHE IS OVER-HYPED simply on her “tisay’ looks. For this same aesthetic, I will instead go for a native – Gabrielle Camille Basiano.

    Mr. Tinio said long ago this year’s batch will be a battle of pageant veterans. Here’s my Elemental Court in the running – Patrixia Santos, Tsina Jade Chiu, the Fil-Canadian representing Mandaluyoung City, & Roxie Baeyens, with Gina Llanes as spoiler.

  2. Mann is equally gorgeous! My TOP 5 are: Santos, Tormes, Baeyens, Llanes, and Mann. Any of them could be MEP 2020.

  3. OMG. Miah Llanes is gorgeous. She towers over the rest of the ladies. She is a threat to Santos, Tormes, and Baeyens. This year’s MPE competition is exciting!

  4. It looks like We have the top winners here -Mann Llanes and Ilyssa . I hope Mann joins MUP in the future

    • @ Fabian Reyes Cool. As long as Tyra Goldman (whose stats are not too disparate from Shannen’s) joins BBP on the same year. Let’s see who among them NAILS IT.


      Tsina Jade Chiu looks like Graciella Lehmann. Illysa bears resemblance to Lemonon.

      I’ve grown leery of this “I-learned-to-be-independent-early-on” character. Sounds like a broken-home-of-sorts, if not a dysfunctional-family-set-up….

      And speaking of Filipino-Americans, did you get wind of Sam Hashimoto’s defense of his (good) friend, MM? Like a true man, he essentially/practically shoots down ALV’s dirigible.

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