5 comments on “Pageantry Norms: Inaugural Episode

  1. ang mga bakla paistaran pa rin sa mga comments. di nyo inilamang kung saan kayo andon or kahit pa anong english nyo…stop!!! bakla pa din kayo

  2. Bella should be MUP
    Hanna should be MIP or a non-winner
    Tormes hopefully will get a crown She needs proper styling to make her nose less prominent . Also I ‘m not a fan of her final look in 2018 and 2019

  3. I really will have coffee because 4 pm Manila time is early morning in the country where I work.

    Anyway, my two cents worth on the topic. Agility, or the ability to think, understand and move quickly and easily, is the attribute that enables a person or an organization to cope with change. In any situation, specially in these trying times, agility is what determines a winner. Now, we can easily pinpoint who the winners are among the organizations represented in the inaugural guest list.

    • The prolonged wait-and-see stance, the overextended hiatus, and the outright cancellations in staging their once-a-year core business– what are these symptoms of? This pandemic exposes the fundamental weakness of global pageantry industry: the lack of agility to cope with change, the lack of drive to innovate. I hope the industry draws lessons from this unprecedented experience.

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