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  1. I wish MEP would have a more visible and active commitment to support the advocacy of the winner. Support includes giving more depth and breadth to the advocacy so that the impact benefits a larger segment of the global community, and participation includes governments, development agencies, civil societies, the scientific community, the academe, and the business sector. Environmental challenges are the hottest issues confronting the planet today. ME should seize the moment if it is to aspire for the premier status in world pageantry. Climate change is an existential threat to humanity that needs action beyond parochial projects as tree planting, waste segregation and promotion of eco-bags. ME has a global platform—use it!

      • Yes, this is imperative for all pageant organizations if they are to arrest their downward slide to extinction. But I think the pressure to sharpen its advocacy is stronger for ME because of the urgency for a global climate change action. Among all international pageants, this gives our homegrown beauty contest the most opportune time to show leadership in the area of relevance, a priviledge not available to others. Closest is MU because the open-endedness of its platform can tackle environment-and-health-related issues. MW’s charitable projects maybe dissonant. MI’s paeans to world peace are certainly tone-deaf.

      • @ scorg So,…. tone-deaf na rin ang #StopTheWar ni dear sweet Angkol ko?

        ‘Eh, siya ‘yung gusto’ng-gusto’ng gumaya sa Speech ng MI on world peace and love-beauty.


        Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung drama ni Coco Araya Supakhrul…. Good for 2nd Runner-up ‘yun. ‘Wag ka!

        Tumulad ka kay Valentina, pa-bake-bake na lang sa Bangkok ng brownies at cookies. Winner!

      • @Flor: The “stop the war” blabber is not only tone deaf, but completely stone-deaf! The planet is ravaged by a pandemic, and we herd our beautiful women for a photo-op with the cry to “stop the war”!

    • @ scorg Let’s, just to simplify matters, focus on climate change. Its single biggest cause is greenhouse gas accumulation. The most abundant greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Most of carbon dioxide emitted were from automobiles. Therefore, do we need to use cars less?

      Very small chance of that happening. We all know the global petroleum industry is in cahoots with automobile manufacturers and power plants to ensure their business is viable until the last drop of crude is extracted. It’s a cartel that essentially brainwashes people to “drive more-consume more” and pave even more roads to accommodate even more cars because anyway human population will never stop increasing, no matter how many free condoms pretty beauty queens give out. And those condoms are themselves end-products of petrochemicals (Latex, I think).

      An environmentalist was interviewed on Deutsch Welle on how the SARS-Cov2 pandemic has allowed the planet to quite literally catch its breath with the resultant plunge in car traffic and travel. Well yes, indeed. But interviewee was quick to conclude that they (their organization) do not expect the positive development to last for long, with folks everywhere yearning to literally get back out on the road again and resume their lives. This was in April, I think. It will be July in a week or so…. And the onset of Summer in the Boreal Hemisphere has ramped use of air-conditioners to drive back the heat, which means higher electricity consumption, which in turn strains power plants to increase capacity, burning more fossil fuels, etc.etc. AYAW NIYO KASI MAG NUCLEAR.

      A few voices rang out optimistically that some good practices we adopted during this planet-wide lock down could be continued, such as….. BAHALA KA NA, @ scorg, KUNG ANU-ANO ‘YUN.

      Just imagine if by some stroke of fate-luck, MEO is able to align itself to a highly-influential and leveraged international group or movement that can exercise vast and decisive political will for a no-nonsense-and-agenda-free enforcement of a TRULY NEW ECO-NORMAL FOR HUMANITY, then your all-time favorite home-grown pageant brand can stand proud in crowning their most deserving queen year after year without fear of criticism that she’s ugly…. Because after all, “good taste comes from good spiritual values. It has nothing to do with beauty or ugliness” (Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel)”.

      • @Flor, you failed to mention technological advances and continuing researches on solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, and other non-fossil-fuel sources of electricity that can run our electric cars, factories and home appliances. And what about the researches on energy from water-derived hydrogen compounds that can drive cars? It does not help that the climate change deniers are also the active lobbyists for the oil and gas industry. Because if the call for clean air and clean water gets real global traction, it will mean the demise of the mighty petrodollars.

  2. Pwede pala 5’4″ sa MPE…itodo na nila gawin na nilang 5’0″ minimum height rqmt 😆

    • @ Tin Huwag naman.

      Itira sila (para) kay ALV, at ang mga “fresh Filipina starlets” na pagkakalooban niya ng GMA show business career, 5’4″ or less ang ilan….


  3. Tormes vs Patricia for me
    Patricia for me has the edge due to her academic achievements ( PUP vs UP Law)
    Tormes plus points include her singing ability . Tormes, please do not get your emotion in the way of your singing . just sing the song and the audience will appreciate you for singing in tune .

  4. Hindi ko na nabasa ‘yung bio’s nina Lal-o at mga lunsod ng Meycauyan, Lipa, at Quezon sa LAKI ng font. At kaawa-awa naman si Justienne Ortega, pri-nessure sa academics growing up. Mga H_YUP na magulang!


    Gusto ko’ng sabunutan sina Alacapan (ghurl, strike 2 ka na sa’kin!) at Lunsod Pasig. KAKULIT.


    From bio alone, my pick from the batch is Fil-Canadian Llanes from Tiger City, MANDALUYONG!!!

    On height alone, puwede pala ako mag-MPE. Kaya lang, will still need to whittle my waist (down) (currently at 29″, 31″ if enduring indigestion). Also, Mr. Tinio, po, please ask Mdme. Schuck to adjust age ceiling to 58.

    My childhood was packed with excitement and adventure. More importantly, I grew up in a part of the city which was woody and green (double meaning intended), with the result that I am earthy.

    It is possible to go for days unbathed and unbrushed/unscrubbed and still look remotely human.

    Best memory would be, for me anyway, two firsts (they bear equal weight in my mind and heart and am simply incapable of choosing one over the other so go ahead condemn me to Hell for simultaneous affection) – entering the UP Diliman Campus and seeing Lago Maggiore in Stresa, Italy. As the saying goes, “you never forget your first time” (double meaning again intended). Now instead of forcing it upon you, dear readers, I suggest you go to these places yourself. Feel totally free whatever impression. I ask only that you go with no expectation or preconception/presumption. THE BEST MEMORY IS THAT BORNE OF A BLANK SLATE.

    I will make an exemplary MPE as I live simply. The last thing an Earth Queen needs to be is a petrol-guzzling glamor puss, pumping more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than a sweltering landfill (btw, Admins at MPE should bone up on RA 9003, The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act). I source all my material needs within a 1-kilometer radius of where I stay and precisely for this reason, everything is a manageable-if-brisk walk. I will await the arrival of my Sweet Lover (whoever he turns out to be…. if, perhaps Nigel of Korona/Ashtie Nights) in this way, keeping myself soft and fragrant, in full compliance with what Mademoiselle Chanel advised – “a woman should apply perfume where she would like to be kissed”.

    • Flor MAGANDANG UMAGA. Anong nangyari? Sorry ha, pero marami akong hindi nasusundan (at hindi alam) sa buhay mo at mga hinaing mo sa Miss Earth at sa Earth mismo. BUT ONE thing FOR SURE, BAGAY AT SWAK TALAGA KAYO ni NIGEL (I’m SO kilig for you). I am imagining you and Nigel MAKING HABULAN in that garden behind UP system admin bldg. SO cute and lovely. He, he, he…

      Pero Flor bat ikaw ang haba ng post mo, napapa-publish pa rin? Malakas ka talaga kay Mr. Blogger. He, he, he…

    • @Flor: Hahaha! The earthy you will indeed make a good Earth Queen, a flip side title to the While Lady of UP Diliman. Imagine, queen by day and by night– what more can you ask? But seriously, I love your candor and spontaneity and, as you admitted, earthiness!!!

  5. I think these are the real height measurements of the ladies. Unlike in BbP where 2 inches is usually added. Tallest so far is 5’7″. Tormes is already 28 years old and experience wise I think she’s on top of this competition.

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