13 comments on “Season Finale: Ashtie Nights with the Korona Group

  1. The group is composed of individuals with diverse personalities and that makes the discussion lively and dynamic.

  2. Kalokah naman yang girl na DOKTARA, parang kelang ang knowledge sa pageantry. She don’t even know the story of Siera Bearchell

    • I doubt she doesn’t know Sierra . Anyone who follows pageantry should know Sierra

  3. Who the hell are these wanna bes? Mga walang K mag-salita about pageantry.

    • I-post mo ang message na to sa youtube channel ni bessie besana para MAGWALA muli si doktora.

  4. B pag-na upload na ni Bessie itong video na to sa YouTube channel niya, I-POST MO ULIT itong messages/reactions mo para mabasa nila. Thanks.

  5. Then sa topic ng enhancement and surgery. Ang tanong is in Philippines culture or set up. Kung saan saan na nila dinala. Aminin natin sa hindi hindi sya tanggap dito sa Pinas. May puna at may puna. And I don’t see anything wrong naman sa mga puna. Kasi saan na na punta yung natural beauty and God given beauty is always the best. Kung papa enhance ka para lang sa beauty pageant. Lagi natin si sabi sa mga bata na you are beautiful. Tapos may maririnig sila na nagpapa enhance na matanda. Duh? Nasaan na yung tinuturo natin na mas mahalaga yung pang loob na kagandahan? If you will observe, lahat ng pageant ngayon is going on advocacy and causes. Ibaig sabihin hindi na primary consideration. Ang physical beauty. It’s more on the inner beauty. So what is the purpose of enhancement when heart at utak na ang basis. Pero want to clarify nothing again with enhancement or surgery for medical reason yung serious medical reason. Hindi lang to please others especially judges ng pageants. Even yung reason to boost confidence. Kasi confidence is inner thing. Hindi sya naka base sa pa labas na anyo. If you believe in yourself kahit sino ka pa at ano ang itsura mo yun ang confidence.

  6. For me nga know it all sila. I tried watching. Started sa portion on miss earth not being with the standard of other pageant. I think it’s a colonial mentality na mas OK yung ibang production since produced sya ng ibang countries. Parang toothpaste lang yan. Since nakagisnan na natin ang colgate at international sya OK na OK. Pero ang hapee kahit anong gawin nya hindi sya magiging OK kasi local brand sya. Walang tinangkilik sa sarili nyang Bayan.

    • Dude, wake up! Pangit talaga production ng finale of Miss Earth. What’s worse is they are not protecting the candidates from getting harrassed by maniac sponsors. Nakakahiya!!!

      • @ Ryan …. among other alleged things.

        Ang akin lang, kung totoo nga at consistently nangyayari, it will not be long before ME folds up.

        Poor practices will sow the seeds of their own demise. But look at this on-line Preliminary. Don’t you think it may actually lessen the probability of sexual harassment? You don’t have to reply. Just food for thought. 🙂

      • Salamat Ryan. Wag ka masyadong padala sa mga napanood mo. Wag mo rin alisin ang posibilidad na may nangyayari din sa ibang organisasyon. Magbasabasa ka pa.

      • @BonBon Are you saying I should tolerate it because it is the norm in pageantry? Im sorry but I will NEVER support ANY organization which continues to affiliate itself with individuals who exploit women!!! As regards your comment to read, I’ve actually been reading thats why i came up with my comment. Maybe you’re the one who should read the complaints of former candidates who were exploited only to be victim-blamed by Lorraine Schuck?

  7. One of the humblest and most articulate groups in the pageant business .
    Very professional too .. so you won’t get anything ‘juicy ‘ from them … except that one time when Bessie demolished Sandra Lemonon.

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