15 comments on “QUEENtuhan with Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti and Carla Lizardo with guests Vickie Rushton and Alaiza Malinao

  1. I miss Bianca G. I’m glad to see and hear from her again. One of my fave BBs.

  2. NORMAN, of the three interviewers ONLY YOUR GOOD FRIEND BIANCA GUIDOTTI is the ANNOYING to LISTEN. MALINAW ANG PAGSASALITA (PAGBIGKAS ng mga SALITA) nina PIA at CARLA. Si Bianca, HINDI NA MALINAW ang PAGBIGKAS ng mga SALITA, MAGULO PA ang PHRASING ng kanyang THOUGHTS. Nahihirapan tuloy siyang sundan at intindihin ni Vickie. May limitations pa man din itong si Vickie when it comes to interviews.

    ADVISE Bianca to SPEAK CLEARLY (with the help of a better microphone), to CONSTRUCT SIMPLE SENTENCES (NOT the COMPOUND-COMPLEX types), and NOT TO PUT “SO MANY THINGS” in one question. Bianca is the MOST PRETENTIOUS among the 3 beauties.

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Now, we know why she tanked at MI!


      Kung kapwa-Pinoy/nay, hindi siya masundan…. Japon pa.

      Masyado siguro’ng madunong. Or, kulang sa EQ (pretentious, sabi ni @ paul). OR, both.

      See? BRAINS AIN’T EVERYTHING. If you are un-relatable or misunderstood, what good is all your knowledge? Next time, come down to Earth. Spend time with #Earthlings, na very friendly at sweet….

  3. Great to see Bianca again, my MUP2014 💗💋💫. She still looks beautiful as ever and hasn’t changed a bit after all these years❣💞💝. Thanks for sharing, Sir Norman. Now I get to see her more often 👏

  4. Nice to see Bianca Guidotti again, the best ever MI we never had. I hope her NGO expertise is used by BPCI in building its advocacy platform. Now more than ever, this institution in Philippine pageantry needs to innovate to stay relevant. For instance, how can it turn the words “Together We Heal” a compelling message to its hordes of followers?

    • @ scorg Now that you mentioned it, I realize MIO is not too big on credentials. Perhaps such things weigh little to the organization. On Bianca’s year, Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico won. Her back story – growing up with a hearing impairment – was what headlined….

      BUT, they DO like educators and in particular efforts towards making kids literate. But I digress…

      Are you perhaps insinuating that BPCI ITSELF needs to heal (of its many “shortcomings”) to stay relevant?

      And now I will say what I have been wanting to say to you for some time now.

      Organizations who have their OWN money – aka, we-do-not-need-to-attract-sponsors-unlike-a-certain-upstart-because-our-diverse-portfolio-is-just-fine-thank-you-very-much – will most likely feel little need to innovate. BPCI has the well-entrenched Araneta Group and The Miss Paris Group has Panasonic and the-alleged-links-to-the-Yakuza. Could catch-all phrases such as “Togehther We Heal” simply be rhetoric to appease both creditors and the tax collector/s? Therefore, does this put both pressure and privilege on MUP to actually make good on their “beautiful transformation”? To be fair to JG et al, I have seen a few MUP candidates actively make the rounds of pageant fora to hone their communications skills and champion their respective causes, something I have NOT really seen with BBP candidates.

      • @Flor: if these organizations are subsidiaries of high-net-worth businesses, all the more they should have the drive to innovate. Holding annual pageants is their core business, with the emphasis on the word “annual”. A prolonged wait-and-see stance, and worse, an extended hiatus, indicate an embarassing lack of a contingency plan and absence of a resilient innovation strategy. Proactive businesses are those who can capitalize on opportunities to avert external threats and those who can use its strengths to withstand internal weaknesses. Businesses know that discontinuities in the availability and/or delivery of product or service dampen the demand for a brand, and erode the competitive stature of the company.

  5. 3 really smart girls
    I wonder why Carla Lizardo stopped after her 2014 loss. She was one of my MU contenders that yr .

    • CARLA LIZARDO is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of an intelligent and a well spoken contender BUT KULANG SA GANDA (at height na rin). The same case for Kathleen Subijano. Both are Ateneans and are excellent communicators but iyon na nga NOT FACIALLY STUNNING. Mabuti na rin at hindi sila nanalo, tingan mo tahimik ang buhay nila.

      Hindi katulad kay KAREN IBASCO who suffers the FATE of being bashed FOREVER because MANY PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE that SHE DOES NOT DESERVE the ME crown and that she was TOO WAY FAVORED by ME organizers.

      ON the other hand, WE ALSO SENT GIRLS WHO are NOT really BEAUTIFUL and at the same time KULANG na KULANG sa KATALINUHAN at MAHINA PA sa COMMUNICATION SKILLS. TWO GREATEST EXAMPLES – Maxine Medina and Gazini Ganados.

      • Oh ok . I like Carla’s pleasant beauty though . I think she could have pulled it through with proper styling
        I am not really a fan Of either Gazini or Maxine . I knew Gazini was not going to do well once I saw her interact with the fans …. though I was still hoping that she would make top 10 based on her ‘lakas ng loob ‘ .
        As for Maxine , she was very humble all through out her journey . She never said anything hurtful to fans despite all the criticisms .

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Reading your comments at the MPE posts, I get the idea that either Gazini or 4M would have made ideal winners – (only) reasonably pretty but also not too bright so that Philippines NEVER wins ME again.

        Hhhmmm…. I actually find 4M to be among the prettiest Philippines kweens, along with Datul & Parungao.

        Would you suggest Gazini join AsNTM?


        So, let me straighten up your points and summarize-collate.

        *** MUP – beauty & brains, BBP – beauty only, & MPE – brains only.

        What all three have in common – BODY.

        (Btw, ang LAKI pala ng “ghorls” ni MTIG. Kung sa bagay, kay Aling V. din…. Pia nga, ‘di ba?)

    • Kung nag join lang sya ng Miss Intercontinental nung 2010 but nag declined sya due to personal reasons. Replacement lang ata sya nung na disqualified yung isang candidate hindi din ganun ka bongga ang pasarela nya magaling lang sa communication skills.

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