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  1. As for the movie , it’s not like one day the son woke up Behaving that way .Growing up , I’m sure there were signs .
    It’s different when someone grew up in a sporty family where the ‘softness’ may not be evident .
    However , the message is great for Father’s Day.

  2. May Hugot talaga
    If I were Cat , I would feel indebted for life to JB et al.who Supported me when I was nothing . If that meant representing the brand for free , I would . JB is a reasonable man . If he helped her with no guarantee of a payback then , what more now ???

    • @ bonsaihater Kasi nga, the video suggests (gay young) men give JB lots of business. 🙂

  3. MU’s win in the movie
    Does this confirm the cold war b/w JB and Cat ???

    • Does anyone know exactly JB’s contribution to Cat’s MU journey ?? During her farewell walk, she only thanked Caloy .
      I wonder if Cat saw the relationship as nothing but a ‘quid pro quo’… which to me is unfair since JB Tumang et all made their sacrifices with no guarantee of return.

      • Tito Norman, juicy!!! Lol
        I know where u r coming from . U do not want to be in an awkward situation since it’s very likely you’ll meet These people again
        I just hope someone not so discreet will fill me in 😄



    So, Mr. Tinio, JB also now has a sneakers line for men?

    Was that THE SAME EXACT shop in the Scouts area where Catriona went….?

    Pa’no po kung ‘yung tatay ang bayot? May partner pa si Fafa…. Pero, ‘yung anak niya, tuwid at ikakasal na sa GF niya. There was such a film by Robin Williams, I forgot the title…. It also starred Gene Hackman who played the role of the bride-to-be’s conservative-if-uptight (straight) dad. I like such films where parents and their kids can be cool with homosexuality. This one is tad dramatic for me. I think nowadays the world has gotten so small and fast that people have little choice but to be open-minded and not overthink things like this.

    • Madam Flora,

      The title of the movie is “Birdcage”.

      I love that movie! Dami kong tawa kay Nathan Lane!

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