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  1. Mr. Tinio, why not share with us your thoughts on HOW a national/regional beauty pageant is PROPERLY done?

    What is the ideal number of candidates? How should the Screening be conducted? Who should serve as Judges? Your thoughts on whether or not to display individual Judges’ scores in real time? How many months a standard contract must be? What should be inclusive in such contract? etc…

    By now, we know you have accumulated abundant experience. We look forward to your views. TY.

    • Flor, looks like you are researching for a thesis or a dissertation on pageantry? Or you plan to lauch your own beauty search? LOL.

  2. Congrats on another developmental endeavor! Pageantry Norms—what a catchy name from the one and only Sir Norms! Your inaugural topic, “Coping With the Changes: the 2020 National Pageant Season” is very timely. The hashtags alone of your initial episode’s guests, a #Binibini, an #EcoAngel, and a #PhenomenalWoman, already give me some ideas about coping with changes. Notice how differentiated #EcoAngel and #PhenomenalWoman are from #Binibini. The former two hashtags carry a distinct brand essence, easily projecting positive images larger than their respective personas. The latter carries simply herself, no perceptual wraparound of a resonating branding message. Maybe coincidental, but isn’t this s illustrative of two coping scenarios?

  3. Bella is as classy as Margie Moran but with a much better presentation. ( body pasarela and speaking skills) .
    She is our best bet to win another MU crown.
    So I agree with Flor .
    Bella should be your inaugural guest

    • Correction .. Flor did not recommmend Bella but guessed she would be your guest at your pilot episode with the Philippine Pageantry

  4. The #PhenomenalWoman is from The Camp. I will assume it’s Bella.

    Btw, Mr. Tinio, whatever happened to the “The ABC of The Camp – Alaiza, Bella, & Christelle”? The first offering was glitched by “technical problems”. Your recent one-on-one with MTIG was also plagued by “technical problems”. Are such “technical problems” also called “bashers”, po?

    The #Binibini will be from A&Q because they don’t field anyone at ME. Therefore, the #EcoAngel will be from KF.

    Separate episodes for Mutya and ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ, ti prego!

    At kung puwede sana, GP…. 🙂

    • Oh hindi naman siguro, Flor. Yung sa ABC is a technical issue na hindi na foresee ng camp. Yung kay MG was plain slowing down of connection that was resolved after 10 mins

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