8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Passions that Never Fade winners

  1. Flor Tula, Fabian Reyes and Scorg have one thing in common. But surely NOT Downy. He, he, he…
    Alaiza Malinao, Isabel Galeria and Kia Moreno have also one thing in common. All three beauties look _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. O sige MAGPALABA NA. Pwedeng-pwede maging model ng Downy pero malabong manalong MUP.

    Mag-advertise din ako for Fabian Reyes and his favorite Ysabella Ysmael. Please tell her to try GLOXI para tumangkad pa siya ng 3 inches. Also advise her to join Miss World Philippines. Mas bagay siya maging MWP because her ballet performances will be much appreciated by Julia Morley (rather than by Paula Shugart).

    Michelle Gumabao for 2020 Miss Universe Philippines.

    • ALL three are beauty queens:
      Flor Tula – Miss CSSP (right Flor?) Anong specific SS discipline? Please… TY.
      Scorg – Miss Economics (& Psychographics)
      Fabian Reyes – Miss Dentistry (& Miss Padre Faura/Taft Avenue)

      Matatalino na, Magaganda pa! Bongga!

  2. Fabric softener Downy has just showcased the various initiatives that can soften the rough spots in the fabric of life. Though the fans preferred 3, all advocacies are outstanding. If a true winner is someone whose satisfaction of success comes from doing one’s best through cooperation, and not through competition, then Downy just successfully presented 51 winners. By presenting winning beauty through the lens of advocacy, Downy creatively stirs the winner in each one of us and subliminally moves us towards liking the brand.

    • This trailblazing campaign hits three birds with one stone. First: sensitization of the public to the pressing social issues of the country and the global community. Second: entertainment, the traditional raison d’etre of pageantry, presented within the constraints of social distancing rules. Third: revenue stream from corporate sponsorship. In this trying times indeed, innovation is the key to stay competitively afloat.

  3. I wonder how they judged these girls based on a 5-s clip
    Bella for MUP

    • Speaking ability is of utmost importance Unfortunately, it’s not something you learn within a few years . It takes a lifetime .
      For this reason. I have Bella as the top contender
      BTW, Pasay is prettier than I initially thought and she speaks well

    • @ Fabian Reyes It was a poll, Sir. Mr. Tinio said so long ago.


      Read the last paragraph of the article. S-T-R-E-T-C-H your mind, and realize this was Procter & Gamble Philippines’ way to gauge who among the candidates can help increase sales of Downy.

      Bella may be classy. But surely, you would not make a queen pitch laundry chemicals, would you?

      The Camp is HAPPY. Their willowy ward from Sulop, Davao del Sur will be a cash cow to them!

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