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  1. Ang ganda po ni Lesley Ticaro I super love her and her authenticness na walang tinatago talaga. You can see her entire journey on instagram from her barangay pageants, hindi yung mga iba diyan…after retoke, new face new instagram labanan. Sana lang may more resources pa ang team niya. Sabi ni Lesley last na competition niya na daw so sana kahit 2nd…or wala ba 3rd runner up ganon. Ma recognize lang ang beauty ni mars.

    On the other hand talagang nawindang po ako sa photoshop fail ng SS photo niya….either pinaliit masyado ang hita or na-damay sa pagdagdag ng curves sa hips na naging mala-kapre ang laki ng kamay ni Lesley Ticaro so photo!

    your mema of the week…

    • @ MemaLangTalaga Kung laki rin lang ng hita, kay Lesley na ako kaysa kay Aling V.


      The additional height on Ms. Ticaro compensates for hips-thigh issues. Just look at pear-shaped MI contender, the one from A&Q and is a repeater from last year.

      Aling V para sa akin ay lipas na. Ticaro is TRES FRAICHE. I am sure the Japon will like her provincial “newness”.


  2. If they only let Vickie win International and Sam Grand or Supra last yr, we wouldn’t be wasting a lot of girls this yr

    • @ Fabian Reyes Based on the assumption either Patch or Sam Lo was sent to Atlanta instead of Gazini, who in turn should have first stewed to perfection as Runner-up, no?

      But if we had given Gazini time to “absorb”, would you field her in a future MUP edition, still?


      But REALLY, who would stand to be wasted this year? Maureen is a shoo-in. And Hannah ending up empty-handed here would pave the way for her cross-over to…. (what you wished had been). Ask A&Q why they fielded her in BBP and not at MUP… You don’t like a “fierce brown native” like Patricia Garcia, either. So, who is still precious in your eyes in this batch?

      Very few have the resulting sophistication of either extensive travel or being both born and raised abroad, which you suggest is important in character formation of an international-caliber queen. Sam Ber and a few others – like Mercedes Pair – have worked abroad, but is that the same? 🙂

    • @fabian nawat prefers lady w a strong passport.thats why he chose clenci, prefers catriona but di napagbigyan and pick sam lo. Thats why im predicting mgi ph will be a dual citizen.
      Last yr i predicted resham as mgi ph. Gazini as mup and i dont know where to put patch and sam lo

  3. I will give my Best 5 for the entire Sakura Swim Shoot.

    Gold goes to Lovely Mercado, silver goes to Hazel Joy Ortiz, bronze goes to Alexandra Faith Garcia, and Honorable Mentions to Alexandra Mae Rosales and Shanon Tampon.

    So, yes, it seems MM is the year’s one-to-up-end. From what I’ve gathered thus far, she has been a deft-slick player who read the signs correctly and profited from cultivating bonds with well-entrenched pageant crew. And the sucker-of-the-year? Let’s just say… she isn’t a BBP first-timer.

    • @flor mm surely w clinch to mi or mgi.supra will transfer. Ang tanong will madame give mm to angjkol. Na gustong gusto sya since eco. Gusto p ng lolo mo dual citizen para tipid sya sa visa fee
      Will madame send a neophyte beauty to mi or mm na inawitan ni angkol just like catriona

      • @ bonsaihater I HIGHLY doubt Mdme. SMA will send MM to Yokohama. Lalaki ulo nu’n. Ang lagi’ng pinadadala ni Mdme. sa MI, HUMBLE.

        Look at Patch, Lubina, & Ahtisa. Mariel was an exception, and just for me MM feels like another Mariel de Leon right now. Kylie was obviously more “bish” than 4M, but at the time MUP was still in BPCI’s jurisdiction. Giving the second-tier title was Mdme’s way to put the Atenean in her place and to exalt the friendly “Benildian (aka, semi-La Sallian)”. But in the end, everything worked out for Versoza and besides, bo-malabs mag B2B sa MU in front of a hometown audience. That would have been more incredulous than the ME Herrell-Ong B2B with only an Ecuadorian Espin to provide breather to the looming I-“BASH”-co win. In other words, FACTORS TO WEIGH.

        My dear sweet Angkol has endured enough. But he will have to agree to whatever terms BPCI demands of him…. Siya rin. Kapag nag-bail-out ang BPCI, baka wala na’ng kumuha ng Filipinas franchise niya.

        Neophyte beauty for Yokohama 2021? Gabrielle (RL) or Karren Laurrie (A&Q) na lang. These two have the advantage of HEIGHT, which the Japon adoro. Vision issues? Sige, let’s cut the drama and send Rushton once and for all. BUT, she could not even match Patch at BBP 2019. If she is sent to Japan, I expect her to finish better than Top 8. SHE CANNOT FAIL EXPECTATIONS!

      • @flor it’s Karen or gab for mi
        Mgi mm
        Intercon whoever did not get mi bet gab or Karen
        Globe Sam b yun lang pasok sa age nya
        First ru justine
        2nd ru honey
        I have a feeling if 4 ang crown baka isa lang ru

      • @flOr I rather pick vision issues na pwd I angle than Rushton posture . Gravity of her twins make her slouch.
        I’m not sure though if aces Karen can clinch mi since she is fr aces but I pick her than viki anytime

      • @ bonsaihater Then, it’s done.

        BBP-International > Gabby (RL)
        BBP-(The)Globe > Sam Ber (KF)
        BBP-Intercontinental > Karren (A&Q)
        BBP-Grand International > Maureen (KF)

        Honey has competed twice before at Nationals – BBP & Mutya – and placed at neither. She rep’ed us in a small international in China, STILL made no impression. Apparently, may kulang sa kanya and I hope the new hairdo (and nose job?) will work wonders this time around. Felizarta will make a good spare tire if only one Runner-up will be named. Vickie, like what @ unorthodox said, peaked last year. Kung hindi rin lang din siya tititulo this time, quietly un-place her na lang; it will be all-or-absolutely-nothing. There CANNOT be an in-between scenario anymore. Tell this to Tito Rodgil and make sure he fully understands….

      • Flor, Janicel won MIP over Kylie and look what happened.
        Vickie may win MIP and do much better than PAtch at MI next yr .
        What is this MM comment all about? She seems very grounded to me.

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