11 comments on “My Favorite Passions among the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidates

  1. Bella is my MUP
    She’s our biggest chance to win another MU crown
    If Michelle AlaIza Sandra Billie Pauline or Galleria , I am ok with it . But they will be semi finalists or finalists at best .

  2. I agree with Sir Norman’s choices 100%. Why does a global brand like Downy invite us to see beauty through the lens of an advocacy? Core values are best seen in advocacy, the wraparound to one’s personal brand that makes an individual greater than oneself. From the business perspective, in an era where brand advocacy is fast becoming the currency of marketing, core values conveniently provide pageantry’s link to corporate sponsors whose brands are looking for deep emotional connections to their consumers. From the candidates’ perspective, amplifying one’s advocacy is proving to the community that the satisfaction of success and winning comes from doing one’s best through cooperation, and not through competition. This passion that never fades makes one truly confidently beautiful.

  3. PRECISELY because Carissa Quiza was unable to have her own video, P&G Philippines should adopt her education efforts for the Mamanwa kids as their own CSR project, so awarding her the Sponsor Prize.

    Sigrid will already get the HuaWei prize because she will use it to provide us GREAT photos of Catanduanes. 🙂

    Si Ericka Evangelista ng Rizal ‘yung nagustuhan ko sa Fast Talk kasi she answered the questions head on with no hesitation. She is also super bubbly-cheery. Will she get the Premio Simpatico, Mr. Tinio?

    There’s supposed to be a Poll today on this. What time does it start?

    Won’t the MUP accredited media have an “ambagan” for a prize to bestow to “Press Darling”?

    • You always make me laugh Flor. I laughed out loud first with your”fowl hunting season” criticism of ME graphics and now with your “ ambagan” suggestion. Norman’s blog comment section is never boring because of you. He he he.

      • It’s one of the shallow moments of Flor, in-between fits of brilliant mental eruptions! I can’t forget that time she commented on the quarter-turns segment of decades-ago pageants as looking like a “cattle auction”, to which I immediately replied back ” …and the judges– meat inspectors!”.

    • @scorg and flor. Nakakaloka! LOL. That quarter turn segment of swimsuit competition during the 80’s was indeed awkward and embarrassing for the candidates. That is exactly how to describe it best. “Meat inspection”. I am glad it has been scrapped.

      • @Serge: Time changes things. Look how far pageantry has evolved. This pandemic has the potential to be a game-changer and we await with bated breath what impact it will bring to pageantry.

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