6 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020 to air exclusively on GMA

  1. Caught my eye, that photograph of Iya Villania-Arellano and the men in her life.

    Second son na nila ni Drew, no? 🙂

    When the “Beauty of Figure & Poise” idea first came up, with the candidates in veils, most of us (including Mr. Blogger, here, who said the candidates looked like they were in mourning) struck it down as mere publicity stunt. Now with the facially-masked ” new normal”, it looks sensible somehow. MEO got the last laugh. And we here are the suckers. LOLZ.

    • Candidates wearing mask during the beauty of figure competetion makes sense especially during the pandemic. But candidates wearing black veil, as what was done before, seems funny and awkward. Why not make the candidates wear sunglasses with huge hats which would partially cover their faces, I think it is so much better.

      • @ serge The wide (beach) hats of straw (plant fiber) with sunglasses was done at ME 2019. 🙂

  2. Sir Norman, is this the first virtual pageant that will be broadcast in mainstream media? I’m sure, pageant organizers here and abroad have been keenly monitoring how this trailblazing MEP initiative pans out. I’m positive that the international pageant franchisors are closely watching how producing an interactive online pre-pageant and coronation show, where contestants may be physically distant from each other, be economically feasible. Where pageantry cannot mount a live show due to social distancing rules, sales of media rights to broadcasters is a marketing coup of sorts because it indicates that the media content and the production values can spur sales of advertising spots and exclusive footages to other media outlets. This, plus corporate sponsorships can still translate to a viable business even in the midst of a pandemic. If ever, this could be a big boost to our own homegrown pageant. As we Filipinos always say: only on the Philippines!

  3. This will be anticipated by many televiewers since this is the first online pageant to be aired on TV. I expect the rating of the show to shoot up. I also expect more sponsors to flood in. I think Carousel production is winning the gamble that it is taking.

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