8 comments on “Miss Colombia 2011-12 Daniella Alvarez: “Feet, why do I need them when I have wings to fly“

  1. Something that cannot be stressed enough is the VITAL contribution of loved ones in providing emotional and mental support through an upheaval like this. I read of a similar story – a teenage Australian champion surfer whose arm was bit off by a (great white) shark. Mom wrote the article. Said she, “this would have been a perfect time to question God….but that would in no way help my daughter. Instead, it became the time I fully understood how love can heal in real terms”.

    Now consider a soldier whose entire lower jaw was blown off in the thick of combat. He was all alone in life. He was an only child and both parents had passed on long ago; he enlisted as the Armed Services was “a sure way to get fed, a bed, and a roof above my head”. He had no girlfriend. He was a horrific-saddening sight (I saw the video, the kind where it fore-warns/asks, “Uncover”). Sitting in the corner, drenched in his own blood, moaning now (unable to vocalize even a letter with his mouth now non-existent), tears streaming down whatever was left for what still passed for cheeks, no one attending to him,…. I would not be surprised if I found out later he took his life….

    Mr. Tinio, I remember now that the original Mister England was a amputee-athlete. Jack Heslewood subbed…. Do you know who he was and why he was unable to come to Manila? And can MWPO bring him over once international travel resumes, to talk to those here in the country who might need some kind of pep talk along these lines?

    • @Flor: in the global backdrop of the hundreds of thousands deaths and ICU patients fighting for their lives due to this pandemic, it is unimaginable how people can come to terms with the painful reality of not even having to personaly hug and say good-bye to a loved one in his deathbed. The only thing that carries us through in personal tragedies like this is the invincibility of the inner beauty of both the victim and the people around him/her. As you said: “love can heal in real terms”…

  2. You are an all-time miss universe and beauty par excellence! We need your courage and optimism! God be with you!

  3. the science of prosthetics has come a long way she can do almost everything with little or no difficulty .
    I just don’t know how long that pretty boy can hang in there .

  4. In the end, it is our inner beauty that will carry us through life’s adversities. Thank you Miss Colombia for showing the world the power of real beauty.

  5. In the midst of extreme challenges, her inner beauty radiates and inspires hope! Truly confidently beautiful!

  6. I admire her bravery for accepting her fate with open arms. That entails a lot of courage and emotional strength. Ti amo Senorita Colombia.

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