5 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Passions that never fade (Batch 3)

  1. Still Bella for MUP
    Some argue she’s to short for MUP . I sometimes it matters since you are being judged individually . If you are in shape , I don’t think it matters if you are 5’5” or 6’ tall.its how you carry yourself and your comm skills that matter . And Bella has got it all.

    • ‘ I don’t think it matters since you are being judged individually

    • @ Fabian Reyes For me, Ysabella registers like Fred Cull.


      That being said, MU is probably THE beaucon where a lady on the short side – less than 5’7″ – has a real chance at winning. Nebraska – MUSA 2018 – was short-stocky. Too, Cheslie Kryst does not register towering-statuesque. I am giving these two as examples because I assume MU, being the international sibling brand of MUSA, will therefore adhere to the latter’s spirit. And the way I see it, Americans of today are not so height-crazy unless it’s the NFL or NBA at play. Right, po?

  2. I agree Abella looks great here. She’s actually one of the few girls who are pretty without make up on . Her American upbringing helped her hone a classy personality ..In the Philippines, you have to be either rich or come from a show biz lineage to possess this kind of personality .

  3. GANYAN ang tama’ng styling kay Abello. Mukha siya’ng “robber of strength”… Bagets of Pageantry should approve. Good job, The Camp! Keep it up. 🙂

    My Caroline surprised and delighted me with her quite-spirited delivery. She is true to her middle name – “Joy”. MG Philippines will approve…. her car is on the way.

    In addition to MisOr, the better ones in this batch are Paranaque City (like there was any doubt) & Catanduanes (also, no doubt). Citation is most-deserved for the DEEP-SMOOTH voce of Markwalder (Leyte) – pangromansa….

    GANDA ni Oriental Mindoro! Haponesa. My Premio Fotogenico now will be a toss-up between DavNor & her. IT WILL BE THE SHOWDOWN BETWEEN HALFIES for the nod of photographers.

    Bakit ganu’n ‘yung lips ni Mari Danica Reynes ng Cagayan? Parang nag-fillers…. 😦

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