20 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020: Running Favorites

  1. Sorry, but I don’t get the Shane Tormes hype. Bet ko sila Patricia and Roxanne

  2. Si Patricia Santos ang Miss Bicolandia 2009. Sya ang nag-title at tinalo si Dianne Necio na tumalo naman sa kanya sa 2010 Bb. Pilipinas (clapper si patricia at 1st runner up si dianne) and eventually became bb. Pilipinas international 2011. Patricia joined miss philippines earth in 2014 pero natalo sya.

  3. Patrixia Santos is DEFINITELY INTELLIGENT credential wise. She is a graduate of the UP College of Law just like Zora Andam, Anna Theresa Licaros & Patch Magtanong. Patrixia is also known to be a very good communicator. BUT SHE IS ONE of those UP ALUMNA joining national beauty contests STRUGGLING SO HARD to WIN a national beauty title. Why? First, height and frame. Though she has that great figure now (Flor likes her much) still she looks petite. Second, facial beauty. She is the kind that I CANNOT consider facially stunning & often she looks ordinary even competing. Third, stage presentation. She is someone who does not really shine on stage during competitions. Patrixia needs to hurdle these limitations. How? Ask her camp, maybe.

    As far as my memory serves me right, she first joined in binibini in 2010 (11 years ago) when Venus Rah won. Then she enlisted again for binibini in 2018 (or 2019) BUT was NOT CHOSEN as among the 40 official candidates. Last year she joined MWP and a bit lucky to be one of the semifinalists.

    LORRAINE SCHUCK has this PENCHANT for PETITE GIRLS since her company produced (then) the Mutya ng Pilipinas & Miss Asia Pacific up to the current Miss Philippines Earth. Remember the likes of Jeanne Harn, Athena Imperial & Psyche Resus. MALAY NYO BAKA MAG-WORK ULIT ang PETITE CHARMS ni Patrixia. YUN na.

  4. Patricia Santos for me is MU caliber .
    I hope she does not win the top title so she can transition to MUP or BP .

  5. Tito Norman, I assume you are allowed to announce your favorites on your blog

  6. Hala! ‘Eto na ‘yung kalendaryo’ng ni-request ko….



    Fil-Comm Melbourne Ilyssa & Iloilo City’s Chine Jade could be real-life sisters, basing on their facial bone structure.

    Isobel of Opol looks very Miss Vietnam. Especially with her hair color. Viets LOVE to experiment with hair color. Even the guys… almost so K-POP in that regard….

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