13 comments on “One-on-One with Michele Gumabao

  1. The interview was entertaining. I think Michelle had a stimulant effect on Norman. That is the result if your interviewee is a good conversationalist. Michelle is very articulate. Her answers were on point. She is gorgeous and she has lost weight. I will not be surprised if she will be crowned MUP 2020. But she needs to improve her Pasarela. She also has to put some grace in her movement. In totality, she has one of the strongest chances to win the crown.

  2. She will be the next Miss Universe Philippines! She got the beauty, figure, height, intelligence and good values.
    Go Michelle Gumabao for the crown!

  3. problema nito ang gaganda ng mga photoshoots pero pag nasa stage na or in motion.. malayo… sana kasing ganda din sila in motion

  4. She is beautiful as a normal citizen but as mup it’s still amelincx and sigrid for me. Not far behind is malinao
    No to Bella na 5’4

  5. Vongga c Aunt Norman^_^
    Farang humahalinghing sa saraf havang iniinterview Ang vagong Miss Universe Filifins 😊
    Vottom na vottom Ang dating hihihi😃
    Congratulations Aunt Norman, u did a good job 😆 cherette 🎉
    Congratulations also Michelle, our MUP2020 hihihi😊
    Miss Malinao and Miss Smith, next year na pud mo puhon basig kamo nay modaug😆 Cherette

  6. She has changed a lot to the better!! But still very articulate. My winner for now!!! Michele for the win.

  7. malaki talaga built nya and bone structure

    pang atleta talaga hindi pang pageant

  8. Hi Tito Norman, that interview was an improvement from earlier . U let your hair down . However , I Think you need to vocalize first prior to interview . ‘Parang nagbibinata boses mo during the first few minutes of the interview .

    Your vocal skills do not compare to your writing skills . But definitely U r getting better .

    • What a harsh and feeling entitled comment. I didn’t see anything wrong with Tito Norman’s speaking skills.

      • parang di ka na nasanay kay Miss Covid-70. Wala ng ginawa yan kundi tumambay dito at maghanap ng pagbubuntunan nya ng mga insecurities nya.

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