4 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020: Virtual Sports Wear Competition

  1. Miah Llanes shows something new for sports wear competetion. I have never seen a sports wear attire like hers. Brilliant idea

    • Miah has a fully-prepared team backing her up. I just wished that she did the Beauty of Face Prejudging video with just minimal makeup on. She was fully made up then. And that costed her points obviously.

      • Tito Norman, I guess she had to choose the point deduction for fear that that the judges might get a negative impression tattooed on their heads if they what was really behind the thick make up .

  2. This was where that athlete dude was in the Judging Panel. No, Mr. Tinio?

    We need more straight men to serve on beaucon judging panels, such as this guy, previously Wyg Tysmans, and Mario Dumaual whom I will assume is. Right, Mr. Tinio, po? Straight si Mario D.?

    The gay guys can judge at the Beauty of Intelligence preliminary. ‘Yung mga tipo’ng tanong na, “which element is the worst”? Or, “which two elements come together best”? Even, “which current environmental program or activism is over-hyped/has gotten too much attention”?

    Also, the Top 3 of Face, Figure, Resort Wear, & Sports Wear, totaling twelve (12), MUST be featured in an “Earthy Carousel” sultry virtual calendar, August 2020 to August 2021. Baeyens SHOULD be March, the onset of Spring. Tsina Jade Chiu of Iloilo City WILL be Fall/October splendor. First ME page Top Fan to place a bulk (minimum 350 units) (pre-)order will get a fansign from her/his favorite Eco-Angel (regardless of whether or not she is in the calendar).

    I STILL say that “falling feathers” graphics effect is horrific. Like “hunting season is on”! 😦

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