5 comments on “Binibinis 21-30: Upper Half

  1. I just wish she had joined MUP
    If she fails to win MI or any international crown, her next step would be to join MUP . She just need to practice with Q and A and pasarela so she can have Cat’s confidence . I don’t mind her repping our country at MU or any pageant as she is half-Filipino anyway

  2. Aba, Blogger Sir! Ba’t ang dalawa’ng “jowable” ng A&Q (read, most appealing to straight guys) – Carina & Cinderella – parang medyo dina-downplay? Malulungkot ang seven dwarves…. 😦

    This isn’t JSM paranoia, is it, po?

    I believe very strongly the view of straight men is the VITAL missing piece in ensuring the EXPLOSION of pageantry in the VAST majority of the people. I am unsure it is wise to limit the pitch to women and gay men. BPCI saw the wisdom with their BBP judging panel.

    I just caught whiff of a group called “Bagets of Pageantry”. I will assume it is composed almost entirely of straight men aged 45+.

    But going back to this, here is how I would…. BBP – International > LOVELY (!) Mercado of Cagayan (btw, ang CUTE ni Shinichi Hayashi, Personal Care Division Head ng Panasonic. Lalaki’ng-lalaki ang arrive! Panoorin niyo ‘yung recent crowning ng MI…), BBP – Supranational > Basiano of Leyte (kailangan malakas ang pantapat kay Jihane), BBP- (The) Globe > Arnold of Masbate (kasi ini-request ni Nias “Biday” Pilar), BBP – Intercontinental > Carino of La Union, & BBP – Grand International > Taruc of Pampanga (my dear sweet Angkol will ADORO her genealogical link to Luis Taruc).

    • BLOOPER/SABLAY….. Isabela, pala, si Mercado. Sorry, po.

      1st RU – Dimaculangan of Albay & 2nd RU – Cartasano of Rizal.

      Guys, always bear in mind the 1st RU should be good enough to sub for any of the titlists, if need.

      • Yes Flor. runner ups should still be Janine and Pia calibre. i like carino. i was rooting for her to join bbp and clinch mup. pero nag join nga sa bbp pero wala na MU don. but its okay training ground muna ang bbp. Pero honestly mas gusto ko ang awra at beauty nya during miss millenials compare yung ngayon.

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