7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Passions that never fade (Batch 1)

  1. Bakit kaya lagi nilang pinopronounce ang EDUCATION as eh-DU kesa eh-JOO? Ariella Arida 101 ba? Or, acceptable na ang una? Thanks po

  2. Bakit ba laging pinopronounce ang education as E-“DU” CATION? Should it not be AH-“JOO” CATION? Ariella Arida 101 ba? Please correct me kung mali….

  3. From the business and creatives vantage view, I cannot help but compare MUP from the other pageants. While others simply present their candidates’ photographs for everyone to gawk at, MUP present theirs in conjunction with each sponsor’s brand advocacy that simultaneously hit key elements of the human psyche, triggering strong emotions that make consumers love the product. I am not at all surprised that despite the business fallout from this pandemic, MUP confidently sprinted ahead in its inaugural edition while the veterans eat the proverbial dust at the tail-end. The key: innovative link between pageantry platform and their sponsors’ branding message. MUP obviously knows this business mantra: without a robust and resilient innovation strategy, no company can survive.

    • * Errata: “MUP presents”, not “MUP present”; “that simultaneously hits”, not simultaneously hit”.

  4. The core benefit from a Downy product is fabric softness. How can softness trigger an emotional connection to a consumer’s passion in life? The imagery of softness is all over each video clip. From the soft flowing garment to the rhythmic movement to the modulated voice of the MUP aspirant inviting everyone to feel her soft spot for the enduring cause she is passionate about. Superb concept!

  5. This is a voice test, isn’t it? As to who registers well on audio…

    From this group, I will agree with @ Fabian Reyes – Hakenson of Cavite.

    I would like to suggest to Mariam El Hamid’s manager/handler to consider pulling back on the FULL-head-of-frizzy-hair-a-la-Cheslie-Kryst. BIG hair doesn’t register incredibly sophisticated. And I think MU wants someone who does. Please refer to Birta Abiba Porhallsdottir, MU-Iceland 2019.

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