9 comments on “Magbigay. Mag-gabay. Magpatuloy. (To Give Back. To Guide. To Continue)

  1. I don’t think they are a match. But who am I to judge if that’s what her heart is telling her to love. I always see her with somebody successful and who can really take care of her so she can pursue her charitable causes with no problem.

  2. Mga Vecks, Juntis daw c Miss SA(Miss Lee, pumalit Kay current MU) hihih😊
    Dapat magbigay, maggabay at magpatuloy lang cya sa pagbubuntis nya Divahhhh😃
    Enjoy motherhood at huwag magpalaglag Inday ha😆
    Hihihi cherette 🌠

    • She’s not pregnant.

      Her body type is voluptuous & it’s a form of body-shaming to cast her weight as something caused by pregnancy when it’s just her natural figure.

      The world could use more kindness right now. Let’s practice kindness.

      • @ bonsaihater Speaking of Milby….


        Naalala ko tuloy nu’ng pinalabas ‘yung “Diyosa” (with Anne Curtis in the lead/titular role). She was tending to him, in the role of an injured Pan. Him laying in bed, half-naked and helpless-pleading, was YUMMY. But, he competed for her attention with Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano….

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