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  1. Norman didn’t elaborate much about the distribution of the weight value but I suppose it is something like this,

    Beauty of Face 30 %
    Beauty of Intelligence 35 %
    Beauty of Form/Fitness/Poise 30 %
    Behaviour/Personality 5 %

    Perhaps during Karen’s time, they put more weight on the Intelligence side or perhaps during Kath Espin’s time, they put more value on Form/Fitness or perhaps during Phuong’s time, they put more value on Beauty of Face,

    So, the same selection parameter but different weighted value thus different result!

    Some countries fail to make it into the Top 16 of Miss Earth because their selection criteria is not aligned to the selection criteria of Miss Earth or they select their candidate based on a “one size fits all” by combining it with other beauty pageant!

  2. During the pandemic where travel to different places is limited, the only effective platform to reach out and get your message across is through social media. It is very essential that the winner should have a good command of English language(being the most popular language in the world), should talk with sense, and should be able to carry a good conversation(example: ZZ Tonzi). For me, Pat Santos posseses these qualities.

  3. Norman said: “Stunning face is important to many. But a committed, hardworking and cooperative lady with a little of everything is likely to top the competition.”

    Flor, with what Norman said, okay na sa akin kahit hindi maganda, hindi matalino at hindi magaling sa communication skills ang mananalong Miss Philippines Earth this year. THIS IS TO ASSURE that the Philippine representative WILL NOT WIN the 2020 Miss Earth title. We NEED to help save the SEVERE reputation of ME in global pageantry. We CANNOT AFFORD to have another winner from this country, not in 5 to 10 years. Otherwise hindi na kakayanin ng Pilipinas, ng mga Pilipino at ng ME mismo the bashing not only from this world but in the whole of universe. He, he, he…

    So GO for a PANGIT and BOBOng WINNER for MPE 2020! No problem…

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Reading between the lines, Boss Blogger is saying – NONE OF THESE THREE ARE COMPLETE PACKAGE, anyway, so may as well go for either dark horse, Sur’s Agusan and Zamboanga.

      I like his idea. Last year, most everybody had their eye on Chelsi Fernandez. In hindsight, I am happy with Janelle Tee, whom I thought was not-a-front-runner-but-still-finished-well-at-Okada-Dome.

      Sige, Mr. Tinio. OK lang, po. Tormes can cap her pageantry career with Fire, Baeyens can pursue show business with Water, and Santos can use Air to propel her cross-over to MUP 2022 (where she stands the chance of going to Kathmandu).

      Besides, considering the number of candidates from Mindanao, it is only right that they be recognized for their efforts at the very least….

      …. and afterwards the island can be a GREAT recipient of MEO’s post–pageant advocacy work.

      • patricia have been in nepal? oh nice. Cat was in thailand before winning bbp uni and MU. and now patricia. fingercrossed. coz i want to see her compete in MUP and MU. look at her latest photo. latina fez ni ateh. pang MU talaga. Glad that her beauty outshined her her height.

      • @ jed No, fren. Patrixia has not been to Nepal. But yes, with her credentials – good communication and Maria Gigante-ish aura in the right hands – she could cross-over to MUP after a full-year break (skip 2021), assuming she will still make the age ceiling at MU by 2022. Let’s assume 2021 is reserved for Atty. M.

        So, HUWAG siya ang manalo ngayon….

        Speaking of MU, I look forward to Mr. Tinio’s individual MUP features again. Siera Bearchell has given her first thoughts on the candidates for MSA 2020, which will crown that country’s next set of reps for Universe, World, and Supranational. One candidate, with her frizzy locks, reminded me of WeAm Ahmed. And still another bore resemblance to Hazel Ortiz.

    • oh. Thanks @Flor. pag kaka basa ko kase kanina is going back to kathmandu. kaloka paningin ko kanina.

  4. Patricia Santos will win me pH level Karen ibasco kumuda si Patricia. Shane will get an elemental
    Ganda nung last girl parang si ryza cenon elemental

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