6 comments on “Ashtie Nights with the Korona Group and Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa

  1. Among the Philippine beauty queens, MJ has one of the most beautiful bodies. I also love her smile. I also appreciate her perseverance.

  2. Nakakaloka talaga sila. Around 5 mi uges kudaan habang si guest nakatunganga. Sana bago nila I online si guest kuda ever muna sila. Hindi nasa isang sulok lang si guest habang may I shout out and greet portion sila. #majorturnoff

  3. MJ is the major pageant girl most fans believe has a sugar daddy
    I do not hear the same about the other M UP girls

    • @ Fabian Reyes Shamcey and Rachel (now) have real daddies. Lloyd & Migz, respectively.


      Any news when the Peters-Villafuerte nuptials will unfold? They said they would postpone due to the pandemic.

      Do you think Venus will (ever) marry?

      Didn’t Gazini have a boyfriend? Is he still making himself scarce? Is that – to keep relationships confidential – now a standard clause on the BBP contract? Will MUP follow suit? What will happen to Aldo Panlilio, if ever (Michelle’s)? Sorry…. Nigel made me lose it. It’s entirely his fault. 🙂

  4. Nigel’s BEAUTIFUL BOOMING BASS cut through all the shrill aggravation with his “Compare!”.


    I will marry his delicious voice. And our three offspring will propel all life on Earth – weather (first daughter), tide (son), & sun- and moon-light (lesbian daughter).

    Without my reading glasses, he seemed like Ion Perez and Cesar… Montano, combined.

    With, he morphed suddenly into Cesar… Apolinario (+), easily one of the most versatile journalists of my generation-or-so. In other words, puso.

    • Are u serious
      Nigel is okay looking .. But he’s not worth swooning over

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