5 comments on “The Beauty of Face Pre-Judging of Miss Philippines Earth 2020

  1. Tito Norman,
    I like that you have clear diction . But why do you have to modulate your voice ? Just let your hair down and enjoy the process.
    Also , u were supposed to be judging the physical beauty and not the beauty from within . You have probably met many of these the girls and based on your ‘ criteria’ , those girls you didn’t have a great experience with likely got low grades from you

    • It’s a Prejudging intro, Fabian. I chose to speak more formally.

      I have met more than half of them. Fortunately, they are all nice. You might actually be surprised to know that I don’t really give low grades. I don’t give very high grades either.

  2. Bakit parang si Roxanne Baeyens lang ang no make up? The rest are disappointing! They didn’t follow the rules! Ano be yen. 😞 there’s only one clear winner @roxieebae.

    What happens to the other candidates Tito Norman? Do they get deductions for wearing make-up…may baka-false lashes pa yung isa…so sad.

    Thanks for everything Tito Norms!

    • @ Sean Yeah, she reminded me of a young Maria Carla Boscono, Asian version.


      Mr. Tinio, I was expecting i-di-display ‘yung scores niyo, para’ng du’n sa Ginoong Quarantino. Will this segment determine who gets Miss Hanna Shampoo major sponsor citation-endorsement job?

      @ jed ‘Oh, ayan, fren. Sinunod nila ang mungkahi mo. Standard background na – greenery. But I have to admit, I prefer those who shot their video outdoors, the dappled sunlight dancing on them. The studio-done ones – of the front-runners – just came off contrived/orchestrated/edited.

      Medyo natawa ako pagbungad ni Allacapan, Cagayan. MEGA-AWRA si ghorl. Pero, ‘yan ang importante, na HAPPY tayo’ng lahat – candidates, fans, judges, organizers, sponsors, etc.

      • @ Flor yes Finally. but im sure nasa plano nila yan. so hinde nila ako sinunod haha. and yes merong nasa studio. meron ding naka muk up. dapat yata eh woke up like this ang peg nila sa segment na yan lol. nakita nyo ba latest pic ni patricia. ang gondoh ni girl. i find shes over made up sa photo na yon pero hinde naman nalayo sa hitsura nya dito. sana magka title sya sa bbp soon. pang MU din si ateng eh. pero sya ang bet ko sa MEP this year. pero if she wins MEP. baka d na sumali sa bbp yan or MUP. so i will give the title to Shane or kahit roxie. But among them si patricia type ko so far.

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