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    • @ bong700 Kung puwede lang, why not?


      Mindanao, in general, had the good fortune of being among the least struck by SARSCov2 in the country. And without having to enumerate, you and I will agree MisOr has PLENTY in its favor right now… Back in the day, though, electricity was an issue but with the right investment climate it should have been solved easily (by now) considering this is something for which demand will only increase and therefore is lucrative as a business (power generation and distribution).

  1. Aguy!

    Pinaguusapan na ang 2022 eh hindi pa nga nairaraos ang 2021.

    Eh may splok na si Denise Quinones na may direction na sila na “baka” first quarter ng 2021 iraos yung pageant and hindi pa sure!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson You know what I think this whole Nepal hosting gig is?

      It’s a SHOW OF CONFIDENCE, A GUARANTEE of MUO’s viability at least for the medium-term.

      Ikaw ang nag-spluck ditey na baon sa utang ang Endeavor, na negative ang credit rating nila, at marami sila’ng ni-lay-off pre-pandemic. If I were their creditor, I would lay down my conditions if they do not want me to go after them…. And one thing I want to see from them is a road map of assured ticket sales for at least the next few years!

      Buti na lang, nandiyan si JG to the rescue….. Nga ba, @ Ryan? (see his comment below)


      • @Flor: You’re correct– Nepal’s hosting plans in 2022 is a “show of confidence” on MUO’s continuing business viability. I think even if Endeavor, owner of IMG and UFC, two big entertainment and sports events businesses, is heavily indebted as pandemic-induced live events hiatus bites, its downgraded credit rating hardly affects IMG subsidiary MUO. MUO has its own operation independent of IMG. If MUO needs working capital for the staging of its 2020 event, it can count on sales of media rights, corporate sponsorships and advertising partnerships, and events day ticket and merchandising sales (or pay-per-view scheme). (Please see my previous comments on revenue streams for pageantry). How it can stage a viable MU 2020 all depends on the cost-benefit ratios of the adopted format in view of the existing conditions– live? online? combination?

      • @ scorg And as we can see, the 2022 edition is now safe in the hands of the Nepali group.

        And as you have detailed, it is THIS 2020-21 edition we all need to find solutions for NOW.

        Your “combination” approach meshes excellently with @ jed’s comment – that the online part is doable up until the Top 20, upon which that remaining 20 will have to slug it out in a LIVE show.

        How do you feel about an MU pageant with just the last 20 standing? You cannot get more socially-distanced than that. LOLZ.

        Hopefully, their media partner will be able to execute this with panache and sponsors/advertisers will warm up to and delight at the notion of only the very best actually showing up for the event. And as far as pay-per-view is concerned, this might be even more attractive as it will potentially be a very streamlined-if-abbreviated production, very Manny Pacquiao main event…. 🙂

      • @Flor: I think the “combination approach” is most feasible given today’s strange new environment for spectator events. If only the Top 20 will vie for the crown in a live show, after an online slugfest of all country reps, I think MUO can still avail of the three main income streams for live pageantry (sales of media rights, sponsorship and advertising partnerships, and events day ticketing and merchandising revenues), plus income from pay-per-view (if it also uses the live stream channels). If iMUO can find a host venue willing to pay the hosting fee, that is another income stream.

  2. Paextra na naman si Lola Jonas…hihihihihih

    Jonas should be careful that he is now sought after in the pageantry world that it is only a matter of time Miss Philippines will be take a back seat to favor the up and comers like Singapore, Nepal, Thailand etc…

    • @ 4M Nepal & Singapore, puwede pa. But Thailand? Malabo.


      I trust you watched the video where Tita L discussed Team Thailand with Adam Genato. There, he says why Thailand will never completely entrust the training of their kweens to us.

      But we have to hand it to him. He globalizes quite well, and fast. Nowadays, the ONLY way for a business to stay afloat is to extend its reach to distant shores. The Internet is a deft tool that makes this possible with ever-increasing effectiveness.

      We here have no choice but to simply suck all it in and pick up the pace, regardless of camp.

  3. This would be such a welcome change if it pushes through. Is there a large enough venue to hold the finals night? Dasharath Rangasala in Kathmandu holds 15,000 but is an open air stadium. It would be interesting how that would be handled.

  4. Nepal is one country that is largely dependent on tourism– the annual trekking pilgrimage to Mount Everest and its other high mnountain peaks. That MU Nepal is co owned by the only multibillon dollar business conglomerate in Nepal boosts the country’s chances of hosting this event for tourism promotion. I just hope the conditions by the end of the year or early next year will make feasible the holding of a live spectator event in this fascinating country.

    • @ scorg Nepal is for 2022.


      I have a source that says this 2020-21 edition will be a re-host, meaning a country that has hosted before will host again. AND, please refer to my reply to @ jed for the clue/hint.

  5. Nepal’s 2018 rep was trained by Aces and Queens right when she competed? No wonder MUO loves Jonas so much. He helps them find sponsors for the org. Something which BPCI didn’t do.

  6. basta lahat naka kathmandu na attire
    para maiba naman

    hiking suit instead of swimsuit

    sana sa mt everest and coronation

  7. wow. make it happen muo. but i wish next time they will stage mu on a country who has no candidate in this pageant. possible naman siguro kahit wala rep. since laking tulong sa turismo yan. idk if nagawa na yan before. kung oo. i hope they will do that again. question is anong mga bansa ang pasok sa banga? Regarding sa MU next edition. i think possible target nila mag host sa bansang walang covid or na flatten na ang curved. question is may mag allow kaya na bansa to hold MU in their soil? Pero in terms of visual system just like ME did. parang bagay na bagay sa Miss Universe ang system na yon. but i find this system inaccurate for choosing the top 20 who will battle for the crown. iba pa din ang traditional system. i am hoping that everything will be okay na. not only in pageants. of course for our lives. for our Mother Earth.

    • @ jed The countries with “no candidate” are those hard-line religious-sectarian ones like Afghanistan & Iran. Tourism is limited there anyway, which is a shame since independent travel vloggers claim “hidden treasure” of interesting sites and one-of-a-kind cultural activities.

      The countries that could host the next edition are right here in our side of the Asia-Pacific Basin – Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand (again….), and New Zealand. All these exercised maximum prudence in handling the SARS-Cov2 pandemic, and are now in some measure of control of their respective situations.

      Nepal’s time has come! Their women are beautiful. Their culture, formed by the Himalayas, is no doubt intriguing. Kathmandu could use the occasion to officially come out of the destruction wrought by that earthquake some years back that damaged the old quarter of the UNESCO World Heritage Site city. And for sure, neighboring India will make sure they send a rep VERY STRONG.

      • i think macau has no rep? maldives? parang malabo. dubai sana. kahit open sila, i think wag nalang din don. as a respect na din. as for the next edition if MU host country. i go for S. Korea. But no audiences allowed! only the ND or anyone who is part of the Candidates team.

      • yes sir norman. by the time that Nepal will host MU. hopefully pwede na mag sightseeing.

      • @ jed Macau is Mainland China. I doubt very much, considering…. etc…. etc….


        Remember noon’g wino-work-out sana ni Shawn at nu’ng daughter ni Gob. LCS na sa China…?

        Undeniably pretty, I think it is safe to assume the Maldives – or any tiny island nation for that matter – will have the capability to handle a BIG one entirely on its own/without external backing of some kind.

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