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  1. SCORG I’ve posted a response (last night) to your question on what is my concept of facially stunning and I also discussed a number of allied concerns on the aforesaid topic. BUT my POST HAS NOT COME OUT on this page until this very moment. And I do not know what are reasons behind (technical or something). It is quite long but I did not use profane words, so I really do not know. Anyway, I am thankful to Flor Tula for his intelligent and wonderful discussions on the matter and for answering (on my behalf). I was more than contented. Reyna ba naman ng Diliman! He, he, he…

    • @ Pierro Rocco Ha??! Ako? Kween of Diliman? You must be joking, dear.


      Teka’t makalampag nga sina Blogger at Admin ukol sa reply mo kay @ scorg….

      Baka masyado lang mahaba? @ scorg got over his problem by partitioning his comments.

      Anyway, back to this post and just from a cursory glance of the candidates in FB, only Roxie Baeyens and a few from Mindanao and one from the NCR apparently understood the brief (sigh).

    • @Pierre Rocco: I got over the problem of possible non-posting by Akismet by partitioning my comments. Try to resend your reply in a few partitioned paragraphs, with the next paragraphs a reply to the first one. In a free market of ideas, you deserve to be heard, too– even if laced with profanity, even if the ideas come across as petrified rock. @Flor’s everyday horsing around with shallow happy-go-lucky blabbers sometimes come up with an avalanche of brilliant insightful ideas. She’s not the White Lady of UP Diliman for nothing…

      • Scorg I did a SHORTER & SLIGHTLY REVISED VERSION of my response and posted it on the page of a related (newer) topic. BUT STILL IT HAS NOT COME OUT UNTIL NOW. I SUSPECT THEY DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN WHEN I MENTION the name of KI and I DON’T SAY ANYTHING GOOD or POSITIVE ABOUT HER. Lumabas ang post ni Flor kasi sinabi niya na hourglass ang figure at malaporselana ang kutis ni KI. He, he, he…

  2. Norman may I just remind you of the TWO major reasons why Miss Philippines Earth is hated by many pageant fans and critics most of the times (almost every year).

    First, they crown an intelligent and well spoken girl but is NOT facially stunning (or hindi kagandahan sa wikang Filipino). Greatest example is Karen Ibasco. Other not so beautiful winners include Carlene Aguilar (2001), April Rose Perez (2002), Laura Marie Dunlap (2003), Cathy Untalan (2006), Jeanne Harn (2007), Karla Henry (2008), Psyche Resus (2010), Athena Imperial (2011), Angelee delos Reyes (2013), and Janelle Tee. MOST of these girls are bashed because they went too far in the competition most specially in the cases of Imperial and Ibasco.

    Second, they crown a facially stunning winner but is NOT that very GOOD in communication skills. Latest example is Celeste Cortesi. Other winners include Imelda Schweighart, Stephany Stefanowitz, Tamera Szijarto and Genebelle Raagas. Their communicate skills are adequate but not outstanding.

    In 2009 the MOST deserving girl to win the Miss Earth title was Sandra Seifert. But since the organization DID NOT WANT (way back then) to have a back-to-back winner just like in Miss Universe (2008, 2009), they crowned Miss Brazil. Seifert was a victim of org. politics. And Priscilla Meirelles was the chair of the board of judges (also to remind you). In addition, Karla Henry, for me, deserved only to be the first runner up. The winner should have been Miss Tanzania. But because there were many Filipinos in the panel, hence the decision.

    So you need to balance all the elements (including internal politics) to come up with the most impartial judging process and best decision/s in choosing the winners.

    • @ Pierro Rocco OK. Let’s just look at this 2020 batch.

      Sino ang intelligent but not facially stunning?

      Sino ang facially stunning but poor communicator?

      Sino ang “balansado”?

      Sabihin mo na para Mr. Tinio can tweak his scores later in your favor…. if, as you seem to imply, he is privy to the internal politics, aka sino ‘yung favorite ng organization in the group. Kung ayaw mo’ng sabihin dito, i-message mo na lang sa kanya, perhaps?

      • Ikaw na Flor ang magbigay ng mga halimbawa at suggestion kay Mr. Tinio dahil di hamak na MAS marami kang alam diyan sa NCR. Maraming SALAMAT FLor. Magandang umaga sa yo.

      • @ Pierro Rocco & @ Norman …. Again, this segment is the Beauty of Face.

        The Intelligence Preliminary is another thing. And hopefully, our dear Tito Blogger would still be asked to be part of the judging panel.


    • @Pierro Rocco: With due respects, may we know what is facially stunning to you? The Western archetype? The winners you mentioned as “not so beautiful winners” are of Oriental and/or Malay beauty archetype. Are you saying now that the former is superior over the latter– when there is no universal standard of physical beauty as it is culturally-defined?

      • @ scorg @ Pierro Rocco’s preference is generally true of Filipinos, you will agree? And it just so happens ME is a Philippines-based contest.

        That being said, MY TAKE has little to do with facial beauty and PLENTY to do with PHYSIQUE – curvaceous and ample, as an Earth Fertility Goddess should be. 🙂

        Karen Ibasco, Jamie Herrell, Celeste Cortesi, Imelda Schweighart, and recent winners Nguyen Phuong Kahn and Nellys Pimentel all possess the hourglass figure.

        But regardless of who wins, most of here can agree that at least as far as ME is concerned, the organization could do more in terms of post-pageant activities involving Mother Earth. As you said, “advocacy-DRIVEN, NOT -centered”.

        Let me end this by sharing an observation made by Adam Genato of Namtan Chalita Suansanee, MUT 2016. Hourglass figure achieved by “working out two hours everyday. And girl, it shows!”. He said Filipinos were enamored with her because while quarter-German extraction, she was all very Thai and in fact looked quite Filipina. Yes, she gave what probably was the safest-if-weakest answer to the question she got (their adulation of the Thai monarchy), but it was totally acceptable. But here’s my point – IT IS PROBABLY ONLY MU WHERE A CONTESTANT NOT COMPLIANT WITH THE WESTERN BEAUTY ARCHETYPE CAN HAVE A VERY REAL CHANCE OF FINISHING STRONG. And the pageant stat history will prove that.

      • @Flor: what do you think is behind that preference for Western beauty archetype being “generally true of Filipinos”? Is it a vestige of our colonial past? It is the Western hegemonic gaze on other culture’s concept of beauty?

      • @scorg I will be brutal – we, as a people, do not really like what we see in the mirror. And precisely for that reason are very much into the external, hence the interest in pageantry. We also come short of pride in ourselves. As for the root of this, perhaps @ Closer2Fame can elaborate.


        You yourself said black South Africans are a fiercely proud nation. They do not consider themselves inferior to white settlers. And today, rugby players of both skin tones play for what has to be among the most colorful flags – the Rainbow Nation. Did the “apartheid” policy eventually make them color-blind, when its true intent was to make them be very conscious of it?

        Adam Genato said that Thais have a strong sense of identity. They always say they are, and not “I am half” or “I am pure”. In contrast, Pinoys go gaga when they find out you have foreign extraction of some kind (a result of our diaspora?).

        Ariana Miyamoto saw herself as spokesperson for the many biracial Japanese who are looked down on by the majority that perceive themselves as “descendants of the Sun”. Yet, pageantry is not a big thing in Japan. Why is that so?

        To what extent does our colonial past play a role in our perception of beauty? I am unsure. But I do know that we probably have been very open-minded to everybody who came over, allowing their cultural influence to establish – Chine, Indie, Arabe, Hispano, Americano, Japon (they introduced ice crushers that made possible the formulation of “halo-halo”, in keeping with the pan-Asian tradition of crushed ice desserts for the Summer heat), etc…. Or would you prefer to be narrow-minded instead, like North Korea?

        Western hegemony? Blame globalization and the Internet for that! Practically every country capital will have a least a gang of kids aping USA-type hip-hop culture. YET, they rap in their own tongue and of their own realities. Listen to Gloc-9’s body of work and you will be convinced…

        …that while history can erode your pride of self and place, it is also very capable of instilling reinvention and adaptation. Is it even useful to contemplate how we see ourselves? Is it a better use of our time to simply make the most of how we see ourselves in the mirror now, perhaps?

      • @Flor: Another snippet of intellectual depth! I know that behind the facade of shallow horsing around is a mind capable of insightful ideas. I agree with you that we as a people “do not really like what we see in the mirror” and we “come short of pride in ourselves”. Hence, our adulation for the western beauty standard? Sort of aspirational behavior? Perhaps, 350 years of complete subjugation of our psyche by our colonial masters have created a pro-West mental tattoo on every Filipino that has not been exorcized by subsequent years of nationalistic fervor. That might explain why, as you said “Pinoys go gaga when they find out you have foreign extraction of some kind”.

    • @pierre I find carlene aguilar beautiful.. she won bb pilipinas world and me pH. Aba level cat gray double major crown catriona level winner. Type ko yun pagka vavalu nya. I also find Aya abesamis beautiful. Baka western ang standard mo. I’m not a fan of viki Rushton so kanya kanya Mata.
      Re k ibasco. She is engaging at maganda katawan nung nanalo sya so may k as a national winner. No comment as me winner

  3. OMGAWSH. Wyg Tysmans.


    NO ONE QUESTIONS HIS TASTE. He knows when he sees IT – a promise, potential, or a HIT.

  4. Finally , Tito Norman is getting recognition from a major national pageant . I tho I judging at MUP MWP or BP is not far-fetched .
    It’s about time !!!!

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