One comment on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Patriotic Oath

  1. Best shot of a candidate – that one where she (Ilocos Sur?) crosses the bridge over the scenic river valley.

    Best shot of a non-candidate – farmer sowing fertilizer about his lush rice field on a bright day.

    Unearthed GEM of MUP 2020 — We’Am Ahmed!


    Mr. Tinio, if by October international travel resumes, have ZT sit as Chairperson of the Board of Judges.

    We look forward to your one-on-one on 15 June with (beep!).

    Afterwards, give us your “FOLKLORES” assessment/rating of the candidate.

    Also, could you dedicate an episode for your “pageant mismatch”, meaning the two candidates whom for you should have joined the other? Who among the MUP ladies should have joined BBP? And vise versa.

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