9 comments on “The Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Virtual Beach Wear Competition

  1. It’s really hard to stage a virtual pageant. I just wish there’s a bit more preparation and consistency with backgrounds etc so it looks professional still. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you cannot dress up and be prepared.

  2. There are technical problems that are unavoidable and we understand that. But judges and candidates should be thoroughly briefed about the do’s and dont’s of using a particular app. Everybody should be familiar about the different icons such as the mute icon when not speaking to avoid unnecessary noises or the microphone icon when speaking. They can also do away with judges’ comments for each candidate. Maybe, each judge would comment for his or her top 3 candidates and the Chairman of BOJ would comment for the top 3 winners and why they chose such candidates to be the winners after all the girls have presented . Generally, it was acceptable but still there are few things that need improvement.

    • They could also be discreet sometimes. Like the judge who was late who suddenly popped out in the scene, he could have at least joined the group offline and apologized to the group privately through secret messaging. Such things need improvement.
      Yet, MPE is highly commendable for staging an online pageant during the pandemic. In this way also, it has lived up to its advocacy which is protection of Mother Earth. Through online pageant, it is able to minimize gas and electricity consumption, thereby decreasing carbon gas emission.

  3. This system is approved. especially in this crisis. But hopefully magawa ng tama at maayos lalo na kung international pageant na. Bored ang mga fans sa ganito. unlike traditionally. iba ang excitement at saya. so give the fans what makes us happy and satisfied. i think kaya naman nila pag ganitong system. ME you did it! base on your plans 👏. but i hope you have a better plan for the backgrounds and etc that adds life to the show.

  4. ung girl after ni roxi. mala vanessa ponce ang styling/ peg ng fez in that segment. ang liit ng space ng room ni roxie. d masyado effort sa galaw pero parang nahilo ako sa performance nya lol. medyo type talga nya mabuntot na dress from EG to this. good thing carry naman nya. for obvious reason helpful ung ganitong system. Pero again sana naman same backgrounds talaga during EG. and kapag ss segment sa pathways ng pool nalang. kung walang pool. bumli ng portable pool lol. since hinde pa ito ang prelim. i hope MEPO will consider this on EG and SS prelim lalo na kung ganito din ang system sa Finals. Ganito pa din ba sa Finals?

  5. I like the results this time. Great job to MEO and the candidates!


    After evening Dress and Beauty of Figure/Form & Poise, everybody seems to be getting the groove.

    But yes, just as @ jed said before, backgrounds and cut of garments could be prescribed in the future, for consistency.

    Mr. Tinio, any feedback on how foreign pageant fans are reacting to this?

    • @Flor, I’m more interested on how pageant organisers, both here and abroad, are reacting to this. I’m sure they are keenly interested on how this innovation will pan out. I’m sure, even the international pageant franchisors are figuring out how producing an interactive online pre-pageant and coronation show, where contestants may be physically distant from each other, be economically feasible. Locally, the cost may be minimal. But the international staging’s huge logistical requisites and coordination challenges may be too intimidating for some minor pageants that do not have brand values that corporate sponsors are willing to partner their brand messaging with.

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