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    • @ kembular2020 Mukha’ng ang ibig sabihin ni ALV, second sa MWP hierarchy ang bago’ng titulo.

      Kumbaga, Patch’s second to Gazini’s first at BBP 2019.

      Ang tanong, nangangahulugan ba ‘to’ng less na ang standing ni Dr. Amal Rezk (Eco-Filipinas)?


      ALV better rethink how this will be interpreted….

      • I believe Aamal will take it well if the additional crown will be bigger in terms of reach and prestige than her Miss Eco, Flor.

      • My question is. During the coronation. What will be the real position of the new title which he called major? 🤔 2nd to Miss World? nilagay nyang huli sa poster coz kapag may bago o idadadag usually sa huli nilalagay sa poster. its not the Final positioning this year. noong 2018 nga umakyat sa 2nd si amal diba? eh nung 2017 RHA ang 2nd. But well i think the rest of the titles will accept if the new title gets the 2nd place. but in terms of what? RHA is more old than the rest and new title. the new title is more old in the titles lower than RHA. in terms of date of birth RHA should be second to MW. in terms of purpose/advocacy which should be the second? pano ba ni ranked ni alv ang titles? also how bbp ranked the titles too? sa bbp MU and MI is in the right place. how about MGI and supra? diba sumunod sa MI si angkol?

      • @ jed Supranational just celebrated its 10th; Angkol’s hasn’t been around as long. Both began in the country through Mutya (if I am correct), transferring to BPCI in 2012 & 2015, respectively (if I am correct). Also, we already have a Supranational crown in our War Room. Therefore, Supranational ranking higher than Grand International at BBP makes clear sense.

        Angkol envisioned his pageant to have something of each of those ahead of his. As far as MI is concerned, he wanted the Speech part dwelling on international amity & goodwill, ergo “stop the war and violence” (which is essentially the same only he rephrased to add DRAMA).

        But, even with his extensive use of elaborate stage design and LED walls coupled with the type of grouping our @ Fabian Reyes hates, MGI still does not really come close to matching how Gerhardt does it… Because for one thing, Gerhardt employs acclaimed choreographers for the dance bits. And probably why our @ Closer2Fame says that to stand out in Poland, you have to be light-footed (aka, good dancer).

        My point is that the Supra-Show, with its campy (from one of us) production, is over-all much more entertaining than Grand International. THIS is the Europe-style of pageantry – emphasis on PURE ON-STAGE JOY. NOTHING PRETENTIOUS. None of that advocacy bu__sh_t…. 🙂

        Imo, ALV simply uses the 2nd rung in his titular hierarchy as a vehicle to launch a new franchise, after which he will downgrade it to make room for the “new and upcoming starlet/Fresh Filipina”. He has done this with RHA, with Teresita Ssen’s win meant to generate the needed buzz. Now with that assured (as evidenced by the respectable effort of Llegado and the looming-anticipated cross-over of Paola Ortega), the Bolivia-based pageant will now be asked to step aside for the new “mistress” (MWP, of course, being the “legal wife”). But yes, her time will come, too…..

  1. Dec is long enough for national pageant coronation. so dahil sa dec pa. i think ALV still want to stage the coronation traditionally with the new normal system. but i hope wag na muna mag pa audience.

    • @ jed You know what he should NOT do?

      He should NOT turn this edition like last year, essentially to many little more than a “moro-moro” to validate the win of a specific favored candidate. Nawalan ng gana ang marami, wala’ng nanood sa SMART Araneta, lugi tuloy siya…

      Whether online pay-per-view or LIVE & WARM, for his brand to SOAR, he must make it exciting by carefully screening applicants so that NO CLEAR STAND-OUT emerges. In this set-up, lahat ng kalahok gaganahan at lahat ng fans uuwi’ng masaya. 🙂



      • @ Pierro Rocco OK. Last warning ko na ‘to? One more time, block na ‘ko ng wordpress.com.

        Now that I’m here, I will tell Mr. Tinio to advise MUP organization….

        Ditch the crown! For the winner, a diamond necklace with a guaranteed (!) value of 853 M Php. I recall in your capacity as Public Relations Guy of ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ, a jewelry dealer was among the sponsors. Can you get MUP to commission them for a special edition “Phenomenal” piece?

      • Flor, I believe the MUP Org has other jewelry providers who can be pursued as sponsor. The one for PGQ may not be in their circle of corporate tieups. 🙂

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Hindi pa naisasabak si Ashley….

      If ever, ALV-MWP is positioning the Viet-based inaugural contest as MAJOR.

      And, it will mean he took the Filipinas franchise from JG. Or JG offered it to him?

  2. ALV should set the deadline for application on Nov 3, 2020 so that those who will not win in MUP this coming October still have the chance of enlisting themselves in MWP. Most likely Michelle Gumabao will win this year’s MUP. And I hope the MUP losers can still join MWP because a number of them have excellent chances in winning the titles. Further, I am hoping this scenario will happen in Dec. –

    Miss World Philippines: Ysabella Ysmael – Magugustuhan ni Julia M. ang ballet performances niya;
    Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas: Paula Ortega – She can impress RHA with her Spanish;
    Miss Eco Philippines: Pauline Amelinckx – She is best fit for Miss Eco International;
    Miss Multinational: Rabiya Mateo – She is half Indian and very good in communication skills;

    New Title: Chiara Markwalder
    Miss Teen Eco: Sino pa ba ang hindi umabot ng 20 years old?
    Tourism title: Kahit sino – Isabel Galeria, Alaiza Malinao, Apriel Smith and so many others.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Rabiya cannot… The MIlo(2x) organization will field their recent winner here.

      I’ve mentioned this several times before….

      Rabiya is MIlo(2x)-Universe, Karen Laurrie is MIlo(2x)-BBP,… you go ahead find out who I’m referring to. 🙂

      • YES FLOR I KNEW IT. YOU HAVE SAID IT A NUMBER OF TIMES (to me) ALREADY. But I do not like that girl you are referring to. Miss Iloilo Organization (for sure) will send that girl to MWP and if Rabiya decides to join the same contest, then I DO NOT FIND ANY PROBLEM. HAYAAN MO SILANG DALAWA MAG-COMPETE (ulit), this time sa MWP. He, he, he…

    • Mga runner up ni Michelle yung nasa picks mo papayagan ba sila mag join if ever at na remember ko sabi ni Jonas there will be 4 runners-up ewan ko lang kung yun pa din.

  3. Intercontinental, though around longer than Supranational, lacks the latter’s showmanship which catapulted it into “MAJOR-ness” in just a decade. But the Poland-based tilt is quite reliant on relatively bit-playing sponsors, such as countryside spas/resorts (which counts for their Swimwear Preliminary in the dead of the Boreal Winter) and the not-as-acclaimed-as-it-used to-be Pierre Cardin. Gerhardt will have to judiciously search the continent for a willing host…

    But Mr. Tinio already gave us a head-up last year, not long after the crowning of Ann & Nate.

    And let us no forget, ALV still has an untested king from 2018 – the supposed-to-have-been-Mister-Eco-Filipinas Dutch-‘Noy halfie from Bay, Laguna, Robin Hanrath. Unless Ameen Sardouk…

    Much earlier, Mdme. SMA remarked on a video (since posted on YouTube) that BBP 2020 will offer “five (5) titles”. So if MWP got Supranational, it can only mean BPCI got a replacement!

    Only Supranational can be MAJOR enough. Question is, what did/will BPCI get?

    • I have not been following Supra
      I donot think they showcase the candidates very well
      They walk on stage simultaneously and I donot see a lot of close ups
      Miss U is still the best but even this pageant won’t interest me unless Philippines does well . I could hardly watch MU 2019 due to Gazini’s poor showing

  4. MWP in December. BBP indefinite yet. Mutya Pilipinas no date yet. MI in Q4 next year. MW in Q1 next year. MU no date yet. MAPI canceled indefinitely. MS, MG, MGI, and other minor pageants unannounced yet. What do all these indicate? This pandemic presents a strange new environment for a spectator event, from organizers to candidates to handlers to broadcasters to sponsors to the fans. The live audience is what turns pageantry into the interactive, operatic spectacle we have been accustomed to. What is a spectator event without spectators? But the world we once knew may not yet return to normal, especially when this pandemic evolves into a new reality for planet earth. With a longer-than-expected blip to businesses, it is seen that governments will enact laws to ensure social distancing complete with watchdogs and big fines

    • This puts the pageantry business model under threat. There are three main income streams for pageantry: broadcasting (sales of media rights), commercial (sponsorship and advertising partnerships) and events day revenue (ticketing and merchandising). If pageantry cannot mount a live show due to social distancing rules, sales of media rights to broadcasters may be next to impossible without any assurance that the media content and the production values will spur sales of advertising spots and exclusive footages to other media outlets. Ticket sales of online pageants may be supplanted by pay-per-view video streaming, but its public appeal is largely dependent on the brand equity of the specific pageant. The viable other income source left is obviously sponsorship.

    • But can the cost of producing an interactive online pre-pageant and coronation show, where contestants may be physically distant from each other, be adequately supported by income from sponsorship and pay-per-view scheme? Locally, the cost may be minimal. But it is in the international staging’s huge logistical requisites and coordination challenges that the return on investment may be low.

      • I suspect this is the reason for the wait-and-see stance of the international pageants in putting up a definite date for their contest. Meanwhile the local contests are putting up a bold front by pushing through with a coronation– on the faith that somehow, sometime, somewhere, an international contesty will still hold– live or online.

  5. Puede nman iheld Ang pageant sa normal big venue. Social distancing with mask on Ang audience and judges.
    The candidates will come out one by one in the stage. Finalist will observe social distancing on stage and microphone is on the center stage for Q and A.
    Divahhh it’s possible 😊

    • My dear i-HOLD ang tama. HELD is past tense. PAG PINAGSAMA MO ang FILIPINO at ENGLISH, DAPAT i-hold (panlapi + root word) kasi hindi pa nangyari. Pero kung puro English ang ginamit mo, of course TO BE HELD.

      Good morning po.

  6. Dito rarampa Ang mga talunan sa MUP, MEP, at BbPilipinas😃Kung aabot pa sila sa final submission of applicants or isisingit sila sa final screening hihihi Alam nyo Naman, mahilig sa singitan Ang mga Pinoy Kasi maiitim Ang mga singit hihihi😊
    Labanan sa MUP sila Malinao, Gumabao and Smith kaya Good luck💋
    I think Gumabao Ang mananalo kc 27 na sya 😆lol …kaya Malinao and Smith, ihanda na Ang mga malita para sa MWP😆 cherette

  7. Anong pageant po mag compete si Miss Philippines Tourism? Mukhang hindi na makaka compete yung mga nanalo ng 2019 if no pageant this year kung next year na ulit ang winners na nung 2020 ang isasabak.

    • The organization has not clarified that tieup with the DOT. Perhaps, the pandemic crisis stalled the entire thing.

  8. Will this be a live spectator event? What if social distancing is still the norm by December, will MWP go online?

    • I believe the organization wants it to be a modified spectator event. I will give updates as soon as the two Arnolds enlighten me on their plans.

  9. Miss Intercontinental Philippines!

    Though hinde naman talaga sya considered major crown. Mejo nag ingay lamg dahil nanalo si Juanita.

  10. Major crown? well supra is really a major pageant with a major major beautiful crown. possible yan nga. or MGI. pwedeng pwede din na baka yun ang bagong title sa mwp. Pero major ba yon? lol. yan ang choices. dahil almost ng major eh impossible mapunta sa MWP ngayon. pero diba parang may rumor din ung sa MI before na parang gusto mag over dabakod pero not very clear. and isa pa 100% na nasa bbp pa ang MIP so i will not include MI in the choices. so i think. napasagot ni nawatt si alv sa panliligaw. how true ba na type ni angkol si MM? if confirmed na type nya. so hinde sya mag oover dabakod sa mwp and kung mwp talaga sya now. no need for him to choose who ever he liked most in bbp since sa mwp sya pipili hihi. kung may proof na type nya si MM. so MGI is still in bbp. so supra ang mwp new title. pero feel ko MGI talaga.

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