12 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 for Huawei P40 Pro

  1. Based on the hints below….
    Someone from the province…
    Most probably from the Bicol region or Cebu would win…

      • Awesome! I won’t be surprised if the units will also be used in some of MUPs online episodes.

        First it was Downy’s pitch of how the fragrance of clean soft clothes reflects a woman’s unique essence—caring and compassionate. Now it is Huawei’s narrative of how technologically advanced features can so user friendly to those with discriminating tastes.

      • MG strikes me as futuristic car—AI integrated, seamlessly connected smart screens… The spin? A phenomenal car for a future-ready woman!

  2. ‘Eto na nga ba sinasabi ko….

    The candidates earn as the contest progresses, aka MUP ORGANIZATION is making them earn their keep through bookings/jobs. So far, it’s Huawei, MG, & Downy.


    Huawei is obviously major sponsor; the candidate selection above attests to it. Never mind that Pia was an endorser beforehand.

    One of the ladies in the photo grid will get the Sponsor Prize. I respectfully suggest SGF, as with this fancy contraption us readers (here) can be assured of WONDROUS shots of Catanduanes in the future. Right, Tinio San?

    • Any of the provincial candidates for me for as long as they can commit to taking wonderful shots and videos of their respective tourist spots 🙂

      • Yes, that the Huawei Sponsor prize should ideally go to someone representing a place outside NCR so she can further promote the state-of-the-art smartphone by taking photos and videos of her beautiful province. After all, local tourism is being given a major thrust by the organizers. No more, no less. Unless you’re reading too much into it, Fabian. 🙂

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