11 comments on “Binibinis 11-20: Upper Half

  1. damn, karen laurrie is so gorgeous
    she could be a chanel/dior model!!!

    best of luck!
    you are my favorite this year

  2. My 1st in this group is #Binibini14 Hazel Ortiz. Hope she’ll get a crown. If MGI will still be held in Venezuela, her exotic and gorgeous look, her height and statuesque body can compete well with or even outshine the latinas.

  3. I actually think Maureen’s alluring and sultry look is best suited for Supranational, while Sam will do better in Grand.

    • Same sentiments coz Sam b (people skills) looks like the kind of lady namakakasundo si angkol.

      • @ Kimi95 Ang dating (sa akin), salat sa people skills si Maureen. Diva? 😦

      • @flor di kasi echosera si mau(more genuine) in a good way. Si Sam b pwd politiko

  4. If we are aiming to win mgi golden crown.Sure na mananalo si mm ganun coz vet na vet NG favorite angkol natin yan
    Though I feel mm should be our supra rep bec of suprachat
    I saw Karen in cebu pac flight fr Osaka to mla.she caught my attention not bec of her beauty but bec she looks impatient to the passengers. She looks like a lollipop. Thin rail like w big head. I rather send gab to mi

  5. Mr. Tinio, fair enough for Sam, Karen, & Maureen.

    Between Kimberley Ann and Alexandra Mae, whom will Leren warm towards? You should know, being a personal friend of (The) Miss Globe 2019 2nd Runner-up….

    Or, would you let brother Globe RM choose? 🙂

      • @ Norman ‘Ay, matutuwa manager/handler ni Alexandra.


        Speaking of Laguna, quite good-looking the candidates at Bb & G Binan this year, no?

      • Yes, unfortunate that the pandemic crisis stalled everything on top of the demise of its Tourism head (for the bigger G at Bb Laguna)

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