8 comments on “Nostalgic photos when Margarita Moran won Miss Universe 1973

  1. She is so regal. She has been an advocate in the promotion of Philippine culture and arts. She is using her influence to promote her advocacy. She is worthy of admiration.

  2. Her dress will be good launch pad for The Camp’s wards come October.

    Abello in fluid-but-not-billowy blinding white, Ysmael in sleek-second-skin number in not-quite-black (refer to the eye shadow) with that same block-argyle-tribal print, & a BALD Malinao as a blush peony (refer to Iris Van Herpen’s shows). NO TRAINS, PLEASE. Zac Posen and Cristobal Balenciaga can tweak….

    Mr. Tinio, you can do it! 🙂

  3. Wala Vang mag organize Ng Miss Covid19, Miss DDS, Miss Dilawan, Miss Shutdown, Miss Anti-Terrorist, Miss Fake News in one Grandshow😆
    Vahala na c Aunt N sa mga sfonsors Ng Vonggang frises like: 1. Car, 2. House and lot, 3. Trip to America, Europe, Asia and Africa, 4. Condominium, 5. Franchise Vusiness
    +++500,000 fesoses each winner.
    Divah Vongga💋 hihihi
    Sa lahat Ng 4 na MU winners natin, itong c Aling Margarita lamang Ang may asawang maFera hihihi unless magvolunteer na maging Cavit Ng isang Vusiness Tycoon 😊 Cherette fera fera lang divah Lucifer vwihihihi😆

    • @ bong700 Are you referring to Mr. Floirendo?

      Didn’t they separate?

      Speaking of our @ Norman, he will feature one-on-one/normannorman.com EXCLUSIVE an MUP favorite. Clue : NOT a The Camp ward.

    • Contestants are the followers of Aunt Norman😆hihihi
      JawsKuh makikipila na Ang mga 11M na sinasabi Ng Rappler😊OMG hihihi

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