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  1. BPCI wasted no time after the quarantine to put the glamshot in the candidate’s itinerary and there you have the finish product!

    Miss Earth succeeded in their virtual competition and now has the result!

    The bottomline, they know how to execute!

    They know how to lift the idea off the ground!

    Sabi ko na nga ba eh? Pagka-mala thesis ang idea, palpak sa execution!

    Kaway-kaway lang sa MUP! Puro sariling effort ang mga candidates niyo!

    • Claire, I fully support all national pageants. The photoshoots of the Binibinis (Glam shots, Swimwear and National Costumes) were all completed just days short of the lockdown period. So all the Raymond Saldaña spreads you will see in the coming weeks are already three-months old. What makes me wonder is why the National Costume official photos were not uploaded right around the time of the Virtual Santacruzan. It would have created a big impact last month.

      • I know Norman that you fully support all national pageants!

        Kahit nga yung may mga atraso sayo sinusuportahan mo pa rin! Talagang wala na maipipintas pa sayo!

        I saw videos/interviews kasi na nagbalikan na sa BPCI office yung mga candidates and when I saw this pictures, exactly the same hairdo except naka-formal dress pa lang sila perhaps before the pictorial. Mabilis kasi mata ko sa mga details! And then coincidence pa na na-release yung mga photo after the quarantine? And knowing RS, hindi umaabot ng 3months photo editing niya for release.

  2. If MGI will still be held in Venezuela, Hazel Ortiz’s exotic and gorgeous look, height and statuesque body can compete well with or even outshine the latinas.

  3. PUTI ng MUKHA

    ITIM ng HITA

    Kung sabagay Geisha ang Pegs


    • @ Sunny You must mean “maiko”, not “geisha”.


      “Geisha” and “maiko” (roughly) correspond to the “Mothers” and “sisters” at a nunnery/convent.

  4. Top crown for maureen.. Si angkol bet si pia at pusa di naman napunta sa kanya. Nakaka amoy NG winner si angkol Kaya if mau wins this national level mananalo Yan sa international pageant
    My top 3 fr 1-40
    Malakas din si hazel kaso di ko PA nakita kumuda
    Sa 2 aging runner ups si Sam b Lang may korona Malamang globe

  5. I prefer this batch than the previous one. There are many dark horses here as well.

    My top 3 are:
    1. MM – expected to slay in photoshoots. We can send her to Angkol and slay til the end.
    2. Hazel Ortiz – warm beautiful face; like her complexion also
    3. Justine Felizarta

    Why am I not appreciating Sam B here hmmmm

  6. Mukhang magkaCrown itong c Maureen kaya tinanggihan nya c Eco na crown💋
    Sure ka na ba Maureen?
    Sure na ako dahil iginapang ko Ang Crown mo. OK hihihi cherette 😆

  7. Wow, Maureen and Sam B definitely screaming “We’re the pageant veterans, bishes!” I’m liking this softer make up for Sam B. Nakakumay na masyado yung uber fierce edgy edgy look nya. But definitely in this batch Maureen slayed everyone else

    My top 3 for this batch would be:
    1. Maureen
    2. Sam B
    3. Hazel

    • @ unorthodox I will disagree with you, friend. 🙂

      Maureen’s “perpetual SLAY” aura is the one giving me umay factor. I will give her to my dear sweet Angkol, tutal he wants her.

      Karen Laurrie is HO-HUM, with the same-from-start flat facial expression. 😦

      Again, if this were the Final 10, I would hand out the assignments in this manner….

      BBP-International > Obenita of CDO-MisOr (I originally wanted Tiquestiques for this, but thanks to this Shoot, I realize her rather mannish jawline makes her look borderline-tranny-ish; same problem befalls Felizarta but to a lesser extent as she shows a more oval-ish chin). It is this A&Q noob that I can imagine as the Sakura Nymph, suddenly emerging from the groves to startle and delight the drunken foreign male students sprawled out on the park grounds on Hanami Day).

      BBP-Supranational > Bernardo of Palawan.
      BBP-(The)Globe > Felizarta of Davao del Sur
      BBP-Intercontinental > Ortiz of Pasig City
      BBP-Grand International > Montagne of Batangas

      1st RU – Mendoza of Iloilo City
      2nd RU – Tiquestiques of Bulacan (Province)

      Cenarosa of Pototan, Iloilo, Marcelo of Malolos City, & Rosales of Laguna, done. But as it is, a swap between Tiquestiques and Rosales could also work….

      • JawsKuh Aling Flor 😆
        Misamis oriental n nman 🌠
        Cguro taga libertad ka or Alubijid, laguindingan, Opol, Naawan or Balingasag hihihi cherette 😆

      • @ bong700 Tagoloan, I was enchanted by…. (I shared my experience in the dedicated MUP post for Caroline Veronilla). 🙂

        Opol, a bit too hot & humid for me the coastal town but yes, a great place to enjoy seafood.

        I have gone as far west as Lugait and east as Jasaan, but ONLY ALONG THE COASTAL PERIMETER; I missed out on the interior…. Hindi ko na naabutan ang Laguindingan Airport. For me, it had always been the foggy intimacy of the modest Lumbia runway.

      • @Flor well that “perpetual SLAY” aura of Maureen is exactly the reason why she is my BBP-Grand as well, so at least we agree on her crown assignment haha. The thing kasi with Maureen and why i’m not nauumay is because even though yes, she seem to do the same SLAY face over and over again, she still offers something different. I cant really put it into words, but whenever I see her, it’s like there’s something new and refreshing. I mean, just compare her look as Miss Arizona in MU2015 to her MWP glam shot and again to this BBP shot, you (or at least I) can see lots of improvements. In comparison, Sam B’s Slay face seemed to have peaked in 2019 and it just plateaued from then on, That’s why I find this softer look on her refreshing to my eyes.

      • @flor mm will get a top tier crown. Bet MI or suprachat Lang Yan. Birdies are chirping that she is bursting w downy in the eyes of the bbp group. Mind you sya pinaka maganda katawan sa batch na iteh. If angkol manage to make his pageant a top tier then maybe he can get his wish. Vet na vet ng paborito natin tiyuhin si mau since she won ms eco Ru Latina levels daw si mau Sabi ni tiyong tiko. Mga beks natiko nagtsika nyan
        Karen Laurie and gabby basiano are both banlags. But Mas nagagandahan ako Kay gabby. She reminds me of Bella Padilla. Gab will get a crown.nawala na sa radar ko si Hana banana

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