10 comments on “The Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Virtual Long Gown Competition

  1. Mr. Blogger, right now (?) is the Resort Wear Preliminary, virtual… And if I am right, Final is July.

    What is MEO’s target date? Kung i-o-online din, should be easier for countries to comply and less costly as they do not need to come over to Manila… not requiring travel arrangements…. etc.

    Their arch-nemesis, Eco-International, is October. Speaking of, what about MWP for 2020??!

  2. I don’t know why there are no close up views . What’s the point if we can’t appreciate the face and the form?.
    As people say , it’s not the dress . .. but the person in the dress that matters
    I just wish the judges were former winners

  3. Opinion ko lang po ito,….Sino ba yang mga judges na yan? Wala na po bang mapili na judges? hahahaah….My gulay, at ang taste nila, reflection ng uri ng mga judges.

  4. City of Manila is a surprise for me. She also did well sa poise, figure and form. She might pull an upset to Shane and Roxie for the crown!

  5. parang ist time sa MPE na walang frontrunners ang nanalo sa gown competition? all the winners has same simple backgrounds while others medyo gumastos pa yata. sana lang parepareho sila ng backgrounds if white. then all white. same design if may design ang backgrounds. Dapa ganon pinagawa ng MEPO.


  7. Guessing Games Tayo mga Vecks😃
    Anong bagong name ni Ate Laila/Tita Lavinia dito sa blog ni Aunt Norman😆hihihi

  8. Bakit ganu’n ‘yung opening graphics? Mga balahibo’ng nahuhulog mula sa langit… Parang hunting season for wild fowl…. 😦

    Hindi magaganda ‘yung mga nanalo’ng gown.

    Isn’t “long gown” an oxymoron? May “short gown”, ba?

    Tormes served up Sthefany-Gazini vibes.

    Baeyens looked like she wore her window drapes. NO MORE FISHTAIL HEMS, PLEASE! So dated….

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