One comment on “Philippine Fashion Coalition

  1. We used to have a garments-and-textiles industry. But we lost out to foreign competition.


    I remember growing up to Crispa, both the shirt brand and the PBA team.

    Sustainable fibers also seem to be on the wane – pina, abaca, seda (silk), etc. I remember an American Vogue editorial on the subject. Christy Turlington wore a trench coat made from pineapple fabric; the article said it was a “Japanese innovation”. And Japan makes “nata de coco” now, too….

    Jearson Demavivas must be commissioned to do uniforms for the BSP (Boy Scouts of the Philippines), PAL, & CebuPac. Look at Cathay Pacific’s from the 1980’s, done by YSL & Pierre Cardin (I think). He must convince the weavers of “inabel” & “t’nalak” to veer away from staid and go EXUBERANT with apps for fabric patterns…. There was a recent fashion show which involved Andrada among…. Aya Abesamis wore a pantsuit in “paisley-python” print. BRILLIANT! 🙂

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