7 comments on “Life at Home with Pia Wurtzbach

  1. Pretty even without make up. Hers is a face that still pretty and fresh even without the help of glam team.

  2. mas glowing sya now

    kaso si jeremy naman eh mukhang hindi pa ready to settle down

    si sam milby yata gusto na mag asawa kasi matanda na
    so ibabahay na nya si cat (sayang ang career)

    • @ kembular2020

      ‘Eh, ‘di, WOW.

      Swap sila.


      That would be great, no? Gray-Jauncey kids will get a double dose of Scot DNA. Pia-Sam can cocoon in the USA, which I think is where their hearts truly are. Don’t you think so, @ Fabian Reyes? That both Milby and Wurtzbach are very American in mindset? Didn’t MU 2015 say she has “a good relationship with the Americans”? And that she has no problem with it? Btw, will you go Republican – Donald Trump – come Election Day? (PS. Sino ‘yung tatlo’ng intellectuals dito sa blog na fraud daw si Laila? Si @ scorg, obvious naman…. Pero, let’s put it this way. Kahit ako, aaminin ko very entertained ako at informative sa’kin ang vlog ni Laila. And nakasama na rin natin siya dito…. Mr. Tinio himself has expressed appreciation for your honesty in telling him how his can still improve. BUT LET’S NOT RUSH HIM. ‘Yun lang. Can we be OK with that? I hope so.).

      @ CatrionaFan Kung kay Clintoy lang, mas gusto ko na si JJ.

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