11 comments on “Ashtie Nights with the Korona Group and Miss World 2016 Stephanie del Valle

  1. Steph is deserving for the crown but for me Cat is more deserving because the later edges the former in all department. But then again, judging a beauty contest is subjective.

  2. Mr. Tinio, could you request them to explore the possibility of the following?

    1) Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal wedding. Surely Bessana personally knew her. He was still with the MWP organization in 2017.
    2) Abennah Apiah. If MEO is no longer interested in her…. why not?
    3) Matthias Duma, who was at the Avon Philippines’ men’s underwear launch desfile with Daniel Matsunaga, Tanner Mata, and Enchong Dee. For the uninitiated, the Korean-Polish halfie sashed up for Norway at Mister Supranational 2018 (against our very own Marco Poli). The following year, he came to Manila for Mister International (with host delegate Mark Baloaloa), showing up at NAIA in barong, an apparent strategy copy of Catriona arriving at Suvarnabhumi in Thai-inspired dress for MU. In both attempts, he made the Semifinals.

    Also, I think 45 minutes is long enough. Thank you very much in advance.

  3. The Korona Group (headed by Besana) is NOT A FAN of CATRIONA. The members of this group are solid Pianatics. And so they tried their very best to please the f___ing Puerto Rican.

    Mabuti na lang Flor absent ang schoolmate at crush mong si Nigel in that episode. And so the three bobotic Lasalistas and that doctor Atenista kissed the ass of the f___ing girl for hours.

    IF I WERE Bessie, I WILL NOT UPLOAD that VIDEO in YouTube, or else he/she will be the NEXT BIG THING in various social media platforms BUT (surely) NOT in good/positive way/s.

    Are CATRIONA FAN’S armoring now for the next big fight? He, he, he…

  4. Was it on purpose that she did not talk about Catriona? I mean, even the hosts should know that people will be waiting for her to address the issue. It was a perfect opportunity for her to say something nice about our Miss Universe 2018 and she totally ignored her. She could have at least mentioned her during the time they were competing together. She said that she got intimated by the girls when she arrived at the pageant and when she was asked who among the girls intimidated with, her reply was ALL of them. GRRRRRRR What a pageant answer!

    Bessie was saying he wants Filipinos to know Steph and maybe like her too. Well obviously, this group doesnt know much about Public Relations. Ang ENDING, people will notice that Steph IGNORED Catriona, she completely dismissed her. Its SO IRRITATING that she will talk about visiting the Philippines in 2017 and going to the beauty with a purpose project of Catriona and NOT even mentioning Catriona at all.

    Yes, she already said something on her FB account about the issue (in 2018). She could have casually and very fondly mention about Cat to finally put some semblance that everything is ok already. NOW, people are going to wonder again, WHY IS SHE IGNORING CATRIONA. Is there an order not to speak about this from Miss World? Or is she just too scared, too intimated, too worried, and too insecure about our Miss Universe.

    MY GOSH! Meron pang rules na let’s keep it classy. Eh hello, they were ghosting the most important thing that would have made this interview amazing. Mababait ang mga Pinoy, and we would have really love to love Steph. I was ready to actually love and embrace this girl. NOW IM ALL THE MORE IRRITATED BY HER!

    • I think it’s out of respect for Steph Who agreed to spend 2h with them
      You know how contentious the Cat issue is
      You just have to read b/w Stephanie’s lines . It was short of saying Cat’s name whenever she talked abt girls she was intimidated abt

      • Well I understand your point and maybe that was the intention, out of respect for Steph. But hey, in the process, they were very disrespectful of Cat. You know how we all hate ghosting! Anyway, Cat ended up winning the bigger prize. Not even Puerto Ricans will say that Miss World is better than Miss Universe. Miss World will always be a far far far far far 2nd.

        I am just thinking that Steph will be more endearing, more humble and YES, MORE MISS WORLD, if she talked about Cat. She could have elevated herself to a higher ground but she didn’t.

        And hello, she and her parents have been watching Miss U. She went to Miss World becoz people around her thought she could be Miss World and that’s a tragedy. You wanted to be something else and settled for what people thought you should be…. and in a sick way, yes very Miss World.

    • I noticed that too the questions are too timid walang masyadong pasabog and seems like they are avoiding Cat in the conversation not just in this interview but in their other episodes as well.

      • Right! and we were all waiting for it. Didnt felt cheated that they didnt talk about Cat while they fully know that people will be expecting it.

    • NASAAN NA ang mga die hard Catriona FAN? Ipagtanggol ninyo siya sa ginawang KATRAYDORAN ng KORONA GROUP headed by Bessie Besana sa bansang Pilipinas (at kay Catriona). Dapat ang apat (3 Lasalista at isang Atenista) na ito ay tanggalan na ng Filipino citizenship at ITAPON sa Puerto Rico (because that US territory is so poor). He, he, he…

  5. These guys keep getting better
    And Stephanie , what a sweet girl . It’s not hard to see why she won 2016

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