4 comments on “Inside the mind and heart of Miss Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild

  1. yun naman pala. Kahit wala sila advocacy. they asked the winner what she want to do during her reign. ginawa na ba nila yan from the start ng supra? how was mutya reign during her time? i think supra deserved to be in the top 5 talaga. if supra accept 28 yrs old. not bad for vickie to be send here. Sam. GB and MM also.

    • @ jed Na-clarify na ni @ unorthodox in the VR dedicated post that MSO has a 5’9″ height cut-off. Baka daw maging strict…. Pero kung ganoon, paano’ng nakalusot si Jessica Fitriana, gayo’ng ang liit rin lang din niya? 😦

      Also bear in mind, mga Thai, Viets, at Indonesians ang market base ng Supranational ngayon, so ang padadala natin kailangan pasok sa panlasa nila. Hindi ubra sa kanila ang typical ASEAN look.

      I have not heard of any admiration for SamBer from our neighbors, but MM & GB, yes. Si GB, dahil ay ward ng RL Angels at si Ann Porsild, nag-train din under RL (RL Lacanieta went to Bangkok, I think)…. MM, with her vixen-ish aura, is like Janick Mazeta-Castillo, whom many say should have gotten a higher placement (certainly she is better than Jessica and Yana Haenisch though pretty just pales in comparison….).

      In any case, I just hope for a Top 5 finish. As long as either MM or SamBer can show to Gerhardt that they are better than Resham or Jehza, then this goal should be realistic.

      Look how the organization is riding on the wings of Nate Crnkowich’s role as a front-liner (he is an ICU Nurse, I think). Yep, sumasakay lang sila sa attributes ng winner. Very clear ang “FOLKLORES” ni Mr. Tinio – the (personal) values you bring to the judging table, with the hope that the organization can see something in you that they like and can profit from.

  2. Mr. Tinio, legit ba ‘yung suyuan nina Valeria Vazquez at Kevin Lane? Or, publicity stunt, lang?

    ‘Oh, ‘yan. Siya na mismo nagsabi. MSO asks you what you want to do, and they support (presumably with money). Wala sila’ng specific charity or cause; kandidata ang nagdadala.

    Immediately, SamBer came to (my) mind. Malaria-free Philippines surely could use more funds. Kaya lang, mukha’ng masyado’ng malakas ang lobby for MM, and her fans are very protective.

    Guys, may recent YouTube installent si TL about Team Thailand, with Adam Genato as guest. Go watch and decide if you agree with his observations and recommendation.

    Despite her great beauty, a good match to Jihane, I (now) realize GCB might be unable to deliver. She is not as expressive as Ann… I’ll be HAPPY if she penetrates the Top 5. 🙂

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