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  1. So the 3 intellectuals on this blog agree Laila is a phony .

  2. @Paul, you’re absolutely correct. If we are to benchmark a product or service at all, it better be against a superior standard— not a run-of-the mill pedestrian type whose claim to fame is pandering on controversies. Sir Norman’s differential advantage in the blogging business is not so much his writing skills but his credibility, humility, logical thought processes and the breadth and depth of knowledge on the industry. This distinctive competence makes him one of the movers and drivers of pageantry’s development as a global industry. An Industrial Psychologist, he is the most competent person to tackle Core Values, the oft-overlooked dimension of beauty that now emerges as the future focus of pageantry in the post-pandemic new reality.

    • The pageantry that has for years operated on the business definition as a derby of beautiful bodies, is now is under serious threat of extinction if it does not evolve as a platform for channeling inner beauty for greater social good. The tell-tale signs are before us: most international franchises in complete silence as to their moves, indicative of behind-the-scene scramble for short-term fixes. Pageantry owes it to people like Sir Norman to prod us into thinking strategically. Otherwise, the future will see us with nothing to blog and vlog about anymore.

    • @ scorg Thanks to you, @ Norman’s grape vine will now bear SWEET/SUCCULENT fruit. 🙂

      Mr. Tinio, we like you as you are. There is no need to turn your vlog into a strip show. Leave that to the amateurs. Besides, if we wanted _or_, there’s P___hub.

      Have a peaceful Monday and hopefully this would-be-final-week-of-quarantine will be easier for you.

  3. NORMAN ano na naman ang nangyari dito kay Fabian Reyes? IKAW na naman ang TINIRA. At IKINUMPARA ka pa sa GAGANG si LAVINIA na kung anu-anong WALANG KWENTANG BAGAY ang PINAGSASABI at WALANG KATUTURANG mga TSISMIS ang KINAKALAT. Kung bumilib e sa isang vlogger pa na may maraming kagagahan at kabobohan.

    Kung ikinumpara ka ni Fabian as a blogger, SANA kay JOSEPH VITUG who is considered as ONE of the BEST in the Philippines (& probably in the world) in terms of PAGEANT ANALYSES.

    FLOR ano ba naman itong university system mate mo? Parang nakainom ng maruming tubig sa Taft Avenue noong nag-aaral pa siya sa isang campus along that highway way back in the 90s.

      • Lol , always kind and humble Tito Norman. Wala kang kapantay when it comes to pageantry
        U r the best in the world…. the universe rather

  4. Tita Lavinia has a lot of fans on YouTube .
    Tita Lavinia is an excellent interviewer . I can say she’s the best out there .
    You are a great writer , Tito Norman
    But as a YouTuber, you need to step on the gas … pls !!!

    • Topic topic topic !
      Core Values is what you will Need to discuss on your essay when applying to get in to Harvard
      But for YouTube ??? Hell , no!
      U need people to get interested in your channel first
      Oprah was doing Jerry Springer before she became OpraH . Pls get the audience Interested first before you venture on your own personal topic of interest !!

  5. Out of topic:
    Sino ba si Maharlika?
    Pinagmumura nya si Pia at Cat!

      • Sir Norman, sorry I don’t know how to copy paste the video, but it is on you tube: “MAHARLIKA PINAGMUMURA SI PIA WURTZBACH AT CATRIONA GRAY”

      • I am not familiar with this Maharlika new-kid-in-vlogging-town. Obviously hankering for recognition in the vlogging community, she vented her opinionated ire on Pia and Cat on their stance against Duterte’s controversial Anti-Terror Bill, a bill broadening the definition of “terrorism” that has sparked fears that it may be also used to crack down on legitimate dissent. Miss Universe queens Pia and Cat joined local showbiz celebrities like Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo in speaking up against the bill certified as urgent amid the clamor for mass testing to mitigate a more terrifying pandemic that has sickened more than 19,000 and killed more than 960 people. Pia and Cat just showed the MU spirit in them: the capacity to inspire and influence others to lead the pursuit of confidently beautiful lives free from intrusion and repression. Now, more than ever before, I admire Pia and Cat for adding deeper meaning to the word “queen”.

      • @ scorg … and interestingly enough, Kylie Verzosa lent her voice to a WWF fund-raiser (?) to provide potable water to remote poor communities in the country, indirectly in line with making clean water available to the most pandemic-vulnerable due to sanitation challenges, a thrust the organization shares with UNICEF (itself poised to immunize the moment a SARS-Cov2 vaccine for kids becomes available).

        When you think about it, shouldn’t Karen, Karla, Angelia, & Jamie be the ones to do this? What the _u_k is their pageant organization doing for their post-pageant activism at present?

        You are correct. MEO SHOULD BE SEIZING THIS MOMENT. Sayang….. Sila pa naman ang nauna’ng mag-online pageant, with everybody watching to pick up lessons….

        Which reminds me….

        Mr. Tinio, kailan po ang Final ng GQ? Who are you supporting, po, sa Final 5?

      • @Flor, you’re correct. As I said before, being advocacy-centric does not make pageantry relevant; being advocacy-driven is. Pageant organizations should have a more visible and active commitment to support their avowed advocacies, otherwise the slogans simply remain marketing taglines. On this note, MEP is seriously missing many significant opportunities to rise above the rest and become THE pageant.

    • California-based Vlogger yan sa youtube! So therefore content creator na rin!

      Just like Cathy Gonzaga or Will Dasovich!

      May nag-embed ng video sa FB, dun ko napanood yung commentary niya regarding Anti-Terrorism Bill kasi may opinion si Pia at Catriona regarding the Bill which finished its third reading and for final approval by Duterte!

      Unfortunately, Claire din ang first name niya! That is why she is known as Claire Maharlika!

  6. Hindi pala gaano kaganda katawan nina Baeyens at Mann.

    (Patrixia) Santos registers like (Maria) Gigante – dusky, petite, voluptuous. Pang foreigner!

    I feel mixed on the non-standard swimwear…. 😦

  7. I noticed some girls did quarter turns and others did not. Will it be weighed in as points in this segment?

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