20 comments on “Jeremy Jauncey and Pia Wurtzbach are definitely in love!

  1. OMG at JawsKuh😆
    Suerte nman ni Piapaya hihihi
    Puro daks Ang naBJ nya hihihi
    Pero mas bet ko tong c JJ🥰
    Pabuntis ka na Pia habang medyo gurang ka pa hihihi
    Maghiwalay man kayo just move on pero mas ok Kung kayo pa Rin Kasi sakto ang daks sa butas at Ang malalaking daliri sa papaya😆hihihi cherette
    JawsKuh at wet na wet na Ang pink panty ko… cherette 💋

  2. congrats to the lovely couple…Super sex appeal is Jauncey…kainggit!!!! hihihih

    best wishes to the new couple in town. 🙂

  3. kaysa naman dun sa isa na Sam Milby

    sana mauntog din kaya nung kay Pia Marlon before

    • I believe Cat will marry someone a little older than Sam .
      I wear wondering why she did not have any takers there . I was hoping she would attract someone from the N.Y. baseball or football team.
      Dutta got Derek Jeter’s attention at least for a second .
      Cat maybe too conservative for those jocks.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Do you think Americans (guys) in general prefer “shawty” (curvy petite), especially when it comes to Asian women?

        Catriona was probably too “white” for comfort…. I mean, surely not a few would wonder why an obviously Caucasian woman was representing Filipinos. The Milanese at the D&G show did.

        Pia, on the other hand, still looks Filipina enough. To the best of my knowledge, no country came forward after she won, claiming her as their own (referring to the State of Queensland in Australia with Catriona).

      • I think it has something to do with her height and her fast wit… Only tall inteligent guys won’t be intimidated with Catriona…

      • Bet ng mga puti yung mga mukhang “exotic” kasi hehe 😊

  4. Classic Hollywood glamour is where she thrives the …. like when she attended Cat’s homecoming show
    Has Maharlika not seen her without make up on ? She and Kylie are prob among the prettiest Bb without make up on

    • @ Fabian Reyes Good doctor, Claire Maharlika is there in the USA with you.

      You, among us here, would probably be in the best position….


      …to inform her how pretty Pia is sans make-up.

      Yes, Pia wants it – the Hollywood Dream, to be a Bond Girl. What would you advise her to do to make some progress in the show business scene there?

      • Lol I don’t know anything abt showbiz
        And I don’t know Maharlika. Didn’t Claire say she’s based in California ? While my ex works at Stanford , I live in the Deep South.
        And I’m pretty sure Maharlika has not seen Pia Bare-faced. I do remember videos of Pia being interviewed at a fast food restaurant with no make up on. And the primer of 2014 showed Pia make-up-free while ?cooking . Sya Lang talaga mukhang artista sa batch nila .
        Re- her bond dream ,They like hiring women with accent … so you never know

    • Gaya ni Maharlika di rin ako nagagandahan kay Pia pag walang make up. Lalo na pag nagside view.. parang sarat ilong niya pag nagside view. She’s what you call “aesthetically” beautiful. Ganun din si Cat mas may edge nga lang si Cat ng konte.

  5. I havn’t been wowed by Pia’s glampics lately…I cant wait for her to gag me with her high-fashion look…. I want to be literaly gaggged!!!!!!!

  6. His good looks is overrated. He looks like the Singh people from Punjab. Maganda si pia para sa kanya. Di ko Alam bakit na yummy an yung iba kay Jeremy. Maybe bec he is succesful at matangkad but living overseas for a time Jeremy is not that goodlooking. Baka mabait at madiskarte

  7. I still Like the doctor .
    I wish their relationship had prospered

  8. Sorry I don’t see Any emotional connection between the two

  9. I highly doubt he will be it . Pia will move on and marry someone more conservative than Jeremy

  10. Kaya hindi pa maka amin nung January 2020 kasi katatapos pa lang ng 3 month rule nila Pia at Marlon. Alam mo naman ang mga Pinoy. Pagpipiyestahan yan.

  11. I think Pia is indeed a very “wife material.” She deserves a good husband. She will be a very good mother being a very good daughter. Her character is still candid, naive, and innocent no matter how much wisdom she has gained. She needs a husband to protect and understand her. God bless you, Pia.

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