11 comments on “Christine Nicole Silvernale: Realizations of a Millennial during the Pandemic Crisis

  1. This girl looks long which is great . But something has to be done about the face …which is very important. Face with make up is fine … but without it. It looks really rough . Maybe proper make up and styling can soften her look.
    Pls surprise me in October .. if there is a pageant .

  2. Hustle and bustle of Manila? I actually think Angeles City is quite busy, too. Legit URBANIA.

    But,… it (somehow), with its century-plus-old structures, cuisine, and recreational spaces, gives a vibe quite similar to Iloilo City. Perhaps the Mayors of both should “exchange keys”? 🙂

    Shouldn’t that be “farm (not food) to table” initiatives (with Lugud Balen), Mr. Tinio?

    The frilly “orange cake” dress is pretty; that sheer fabric on top adds a sense of enchantment. But, it is just short of overwhelming her. And the sleeves do not look made in the best possible way.

    Glad she chose to share her day in that farm. Pampanga has a good vegetable industry and rice crop of itself, probably to even rival Pangasinan a bit further north (only Tarlac to separate them, yet this, as we know, is the sugarcane heart of Luzon). Gardening has become the rediscovered hobby of “feelennials” (feeling millennial) stuck at home and fearful of going out. What r u trying 2 grow, Herr Blogger? No, I am NOT implying you are…. Ikaw pa….. who found the fountain of youth.

    • Grapes, Flor. With the help of our kasambahay. I got the seedling last year through Miss Earth. The plant is now crawling like crazy. Seriously.

      • @ Norman That will require correct pruning to eventually coax the production of fruits. Get help from your pageant contacts in La Union! If you will review their “Beyond The Coastlines” video, there is that place/town which specializes in this – cultivating table grape vines in the lowland tropics. I believe, if I am not mistaken, it was started by a local agriculturist by the name of “Lomboy”, as a (semi?-)retirement activity in his hometown after years of study/work abroad.

      • @ Norman Grape leaves can be used to wrap food for steaming. Like “ma tsang” of China cuisine, which I think uses lotus leaves to hold rice, pork, & beans for steaming. Some time online could yield fruits, so to speak….. All the best!

      • Tito Norman , wouldn’t u consider the word ‘kasambahay’ derogatory ? I hear other people refer to them as ‘ si ate ‘ which I find more acceptable

      • Not at all, Fabian. I never call them housemaids or domestic helpers. “Chimay” or “Atsay” is derogatory. “Kasambahay” is short for “kasama sa bahay” that makes her part of the household and practically a member of the family. First time I had that question asked.

      • Lol sorry I have been out of touch
        I have seen pics or videos of you eating with the household employees at the same table . So I know how humble and kind you are inspire of all your achievements . I just wish there was a different way of addressing them

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