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  1. Tito Norman, if u want people to listen to you , you have make them want to want to listen to you . While u r a great writer , your speaking ability leaves a lot of space for improvement
    I wish you would tackle more controversial pageant topics like … .
    Who is your best Filipina Miss U ?
    Who is your best Filipina Miss International?
    Who is your favorite pageant queen .?
    I already know u r smart and have a heart gold . I want to know if you have balls to state your stand on above topics .

    • @ Fabian Reyes With all due respects, Mr. Tinio did say we could expect improvements. But I do not think he intends to square off with the likes of Tita L or Mars Franz in their manner. And I doubt either of them expect him to do so.


      We will see how the chemistry between The Bag Raider and himself will unfold once that collaboration materializes. I am so excited!

  2. Very well said and explained. Pageant candidates can learn a lot from this vlog and reassess their respective advocacies.

  3. I am glad that this blog and vlog underscored the third and oft-overlooked dimension of beauty– the core values. The trio of physical beauty, intellect and core values define the modern concept of beauty. As I have said many times before, despite divergent comments from those who still cling to the antiquated unidimensional concept of beauty, the best lens to see core values is advocacy– the authentic, sincere, and sustained espousal of a cause, not a for-pageant-only project.

    • The dichotomy in pageantry is that fans who patronize shows still wallow in the archaic hedonistic concept of beauty while corporate sponsors who fund events pursue brand values that emanate from the two emergent dimensions of beauty– advocacy and intellect. Fans agonize over a candidate’s body measurements, face, hair, nose, legs, skin tone, styling, catwalk, speaking ability, carriage, etcetera. Corporate sponsors care about how the value a pageant’s brand image can add to their respective brands. The new normal, with the constraints imposed by online viewing of remote simulcasts, can potentially diminish the focus on the physical and increase the importance of the cerebral and core value aspects of beauty.

    • To reiterate what I have commented before: Values are best seen in advocacy, the wraparound to one’s personal brand that makes one greater than oneself. Incidentally, in an era where brand advocacy is fast becoming the currency of marketing, values provide pageantry’s link to corporate sponsors whose brands are looking for deep emotional connections to their consumers. To illustrate, aren’t the perceptual images of a phenomenal woman congruent to the emotional triggers of the following branding messages: Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible”, L’Oreal’s “Because You’re Worth It”, Nike’s “Just Do It”, Apple’s “Think Different”, Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing”. Don’t these brands resonate enduring passion, excellence, and leadership? Going back to MUP, isn’t it any wonder why it has a lot of corporate sponsors? And the sponsorships were not shaken by this pandemic?

      • scorg, other than the lack of focus on values, what’s your analysis of the other national pageants in terms of difficulty in getting good sponsors when they have been established long before MUP. I love how you keenly dissect things. 🙂
        For example, why can’t BBP get an automotive company sponsor to give a car to the top winner/s like it did during the 80s?

      • Sir Norman: nowadays, a pageant without an advocacy does not have a lifeline to corporate sponsorship. A derby of beautiful bodies does not anymore attract corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Positive brand values do, and they can only come from a pageantry brand whose essence emanates from the intellectual and core value facets of beauty—the so-called “inner beauty”. Corporate sponsors know this old expression by heart: “people buy emotionally, then justify logically”.

      • On car company sponsors, pageantry is one platform where car brands can hit key elements in the human psyche, triggering trust, sense of accomplishment, passion, joy, excitement, belongingness, and endearment that easily resonate with target consumers. To illustrate: Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” global marketing campaign this year– doesn’t it convey emotional triggers of enduring passion and leadership? Isn’t tit congruent with perceptual images of phenomenal women? Just take this cue from international car awards categories: Most Respected—Luxury”, Most Sex Appeal—Sports Car”, “ Most Resourceful—Sport Utility Vehicle”, “Most Athletic—Pick-up Truck”, “Most Dependable—Sedan”, Most Versatile—Crossover”, “Most Spirited—Entry Level”. This is because car owners have strong feelings and emotional attachments to their vehicles.

  4. @ scorg, HANEP! Will you demonetize the vlog for your honorarium? If so, COMMENTATORS MAG-SUBSCRIBE NA AT LAGI’NG MANOOD AT NANG HINDI MAMULUBI si Tito natin!


    ATTENTION, lahat ng mga i-me-mentor ni King Norman, i-memorize ang “FOLKLORES”. May quiz… All or nothing.

    Honga. Maganda’t seksi’t matalino ka nga, pasaway ka naman. Wa;a’ng kukuha sa ‘yo.

    Mr. Tinio, paano ang kandidata’ng feeling conflicted? Responsible provider siya at devoted sa family, pero deep inside gusto niya rin’g habulin ang mga opportunidad na dumarating…. How would you deal with a situation like that, po? Ano’ng sasabihin mo sa kanya sakaili’ng humingi ng payo sa inyo?

    • It’s a lot harder to live by our values . Major gaps are inevitable.

      That person should learn how to get her needs met in new ways – healthier ways that don’t conflict values. Self-awareness, honesty, and effort are necessary for resolving conflicts between our values and needs.

      If I were her, I would put family on top all the time the best that I could but still be brutally honest in letting them know my other plans in life. That way, everyone can start working their way around my other objectives and take turns in being a provider. No level-headed loved one will object to that.

      If I happen to be part of a lazy and overly-dependent family, though, honesty is the key to make them realize the situation.

      • @ Norman Could we request?

        Please dissect what values prompted MM to choose as she did.

        Thank you so much in advance for your pioneering efforts and we wish all the very best in your new endeavor.

        We are THRILLED to see your collaboration with Mars Franz.


      • I would reckon that Maureen’s core value in this regard is status. She joined MWP in hopes of getting the title that went to Katarina Rodriguez. By now, everyone knows that she wasn’t thrilled at all with the Miss Eco Philippines crown but still went on with the obligation. She managed to get 1st Runner-Up there but it wasn’t enough to build a platform from. If she was able to nail an authentic back-to-back win, that would have been entirely different because that would mean getting first dibs with the victory. Hence, her status was relegated, so to speak. She is pinning her hopes with Bb. Pilipinas because getting a good title would be good for her track record. Another core value – recognition – also comes into play. But in a supporting part.

      • @Flor: Sir Norman is one of the respected movers and drivers of global pageantry’s development. I say “global” because the Philippines is the world’s epicenter of pageantry craze. Whatever we do and say create ripples in the global pageantry community. This blog is reflective of Sir Norman’s progressive wisdom of a Gen X, mindset, drive and stamina of a Gen Y and Z. By touching on core values as a facet of beauty, he is pushing pageantry to its worthwhile limits. This may not be popular with pageant fans, but this is developmental for the industry. From the vantage view of business, I know that in today’s world where brand advocacy is the currency of marketing, advocacy platform is pageantry’s lifeline to corporate sponsorships. It is becoming the key to survival. Notice how advocacy-centric MUP and MEP can confidently announce their concere plans, while the rest go drip- drip in their notices.

      • @Sir Norman: For those of us from various professions, the little that we can do to help enrich the educational content of this blog is to contribute perspectives from our respective disciplines.

  5. CORE VALUES… please see Megan Young’s final Miss World 2013 Speech.

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