15 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2020: Going smoothly with their Preliminary Competitions

  1. I have to comment Miss Earth for actually adjusting their pageant and utilizing technology to keep it alive. Kudos!!!!

  2. Covid CRAZE outfit? That doesn’t right. Miss Earth thinks covid is a craze? Face palm.

    • With due respect AJ, please do not take it literally, It is the creative way of wearing protective outfit against covid in this time of pandemic.

  3. Miss Earth Philippines seems to be in the right track.
    Heavy favorites drew the first blood
    I am excited for the outcome of the pageant.

    • @ Serge “Most Hardworking Eco-Angel” is Tsina Jade Chiu, for placing in two categories, Talent (Dance) and CoVid Craze Outfit. Iloilo City is ON A ROLL.


      Imagine all this playing out in the international version later on. I will expect our ASEAN neighbors to again be outlandish…. Anybody hankering for a human banh (Viet baguette) in PPE?

  4. Maiba Lang:

    According to latest news walang magaganap na MI2020 kaya para saan pa ang BBP2020-MI?

    Tito Norms, paki blog this news for clarification… please. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Among all beauty pageants, our homegrown pageant Miss Earth has timeliest advocacy—something to be proud of as a Filipino pageant enthusiast. However, I hope it exerts more forward and strategic thinking in its drive to proactively take its advocacy to the next level in this global scourge. Scientists predict that the next cataclysmic menace is environmental pandemic if humanity does not actively fight for climate change action now. With the lessons learned from this pandemic on how easily a deadly unseen virus can shutdown businesses and change social mores overnight, what innovative strategic initiatives does ME plan to launch to rise above the rest as a platform for environmental action? Being advocacy-centric does not make pageantry relevant. Being advocacy-driven does.

  6. I’m not a fan of me. But Lorraine is a class act compared to Alvin na dinaig mo ampalaya. Lorraine never talk ill about her queens

    • @ bonsaihater Lalaki. Bruised ego. Gay or straight, that’s how the male brain goes ballistic.


      Pero sa totoo lang, kung ako si Dr. Amaal Rezk, I would be so pleased. It was as if ALV upheld my honor. (puso)

  7. As I expected, only advocacy-centric pageants like MEP and MUP can confidently forge ahead with their action plans, while the rest go drip-drip in their pronouncements. This is because a pageantry platform is the lifeline to corporate sponsorships, ergo. to pageantry’s business survival.

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