30 comments on “Official Statement from Miss World Philippines ND Arnold Vegafria on Maureen Montagne

  1. her contract in mwp is already finished. she is batch 2018. and competed 2019 in eco. but her contract as eco ist runner up is not yet finished? since wala pa coronation ng eco. so may na ano sya sa rules ng eco. hmmm. so may contract din ang runner ups ng eco? sabagay may contract din dapat ang runner ups especially 2nd and ist runner up. pero dapat may sahod din. since isa sa kanila ang ipapalit if ever. in this scenario. hinde dapat madisappoint si alv sa pagsali ni mm sa bbp since tapos na naman contract nya sa mwp. in this matter. eco ang dapat ma disappoint slightly sa pagsali nya sa bbp kahit d pa tapos contract nya sa eco. but cant blame mm. since patapos na din naman sana ist runner up reign nya sa eco that time when she joined bbp which is feb kasi that time march or april yata ang eco2020 diba? papalit palit pa nga yata sila ng date if im not mistaken. and nothing to be sad naman na d nya tinanggap ang crown. inaccept man nya hinde din matatawag na back to back win. lets say back to back win and if i accept nya i dont think eco will give the crown to kelly as b2b2b win of ph in eco. since biginner pa lang ang pageant na yan they are targeting more countries to join. baka wala na sumali nan pag lagi ph haha. accept or hinde. may na violate man sya sa rules. i think kelly will place fair and square if she will do well.

    • @ jed ‘Yung balanse ng cash prize ni Suheyn Cipriani, inaalok kay Maureen. “Sahod”?

    • I agree Jed. It is the MEI org has all the right to pursue Maureen if ever she has violated any contract. In this time of pandemic, the pageant orgs should be lenient to queen’s courts because they also have their own dreams to pursue.

      • Runners up cannot be tied up to the pageant orgs forever, especially during this time of pandemic.

      • @ Serge I would like to see said contract, if indeed.

        But probably jointly signed and accepted in good faith in Egypt, only Egyptian courts applying Egyptian laws will have jurisdiction, right?

        Does a Philippines-Egypt extradition pact exist? Once the global pandemic lock-down is lifted at least between the two countries to enable an actual flight connection, Maureen can be “sent”…?

    • I think this is not an issue about contract Jed. It is about credit that could be gained if Maureen has accepted the offer of MEI

      • Agree Flor. An extradition pact is a good point to tackle. Perhaps our lawyer readers can shed light to this. Can this be applied to International beauty pageant contracts?

      • @ Serge I think about it now, you can only be extradited for a crime.

        Would this even count as one, if ever? Again, the lawyers could chime in.

        Bear also in mind the question of whether or not the Republic of the Philippines can do this to her considering she really is not a bona fide Filipino citizen in the strictest sense. Dual passport, no?

        Or, Interpol ang mag-execute….

        Pero again, we need to be enlightened on the rules. And yes, we require ACTUAL papers as proof!

      • @ Pete I think what @ Serge meant was “paying forward” to MEcoInt organization. 🙂

      • @pete. On the context of mr vigafria’s disappointment over the refusal of Maureen to accept the crown, mr vigafria might be thinking of the credit he and MWP org can gain had Maureen accepted the offer.

  2. May nakita ako’ng comments sa social media alleging MM “ay sinisiraan ang A&Q para makasipsip sa BPCI”. The source, daw, ay isa’ng taga-A&Q.


    This is looking like (yet) another Samantha Ashley Lo saga of “she-said-he-said-your-word-against-mine…”.


    Concerned parties need to start making Sworn Statements.


    BACK OUT OF BBP 2020(21), just to prove she has neither ulterior motive nor hidden agenda.

    But as they say, any publicity, good or bad, is still. So, mangyayari ne’to, pakiramdaman at plastikan kung sino’ng una’ng kukurap…. YUCK. Parang mga bakla’ng kanal na nag-aagawan sa (bleep!).

    • How mm can do sipsip if she is stuck in siargao?Opinion Nila yun kasi nga in good graces na si mm. Conclusion nila

      The one who needs to have delicadeza are the mahadera. Grabe mm ha yanig mo mga tweet bird na may birds. Flor, mm have dual passport Kaya no Sam lo tsuva tsuva. Bet na bet ni angkol Yan Sabi ng mga beki na tiko

      • @ bonsaihater I was not referring to passport strength.

        Rather, the confusion it has wrought, the misinterpretations (like you just said, “Conclusion nila”.).

        I always felt suspicious of MM. I was unsatisfied with her answer when asked in a TV interview (shortly after winning MEco-Filipinas) how she could properly/sufficiently/adequately represent Filipinos considering she was born and raised abroad.

        But OK. To be fair, I can say I felt the same way about Cortesi.

        I am REALLY LEERY of these non-native half-breeds now…. 😦

  3. BUT Flor pag nag-issue ka ng (official statement) ng isang organization like MWP, it SHOULD NOT BE EMOTIONALLY LADEN LIKE the ONE POSTED ABOVE. IT LOOKS AND IT SOUNDS LIKE THOSE ARTICLES PRINTED IN SHOWBIZ MAGAZINES WAY BACK in the 80s. Ma-remember mo pa ba yun Flor, yung mga tinitinda sa bangketa katulad nung sa Philcoa (kung saan sumasakay ang mga schoolmate mong mahihirap papasok sa iyong unibersidad). He, he, he…

    • @ Pierro Rocco Aaawwww….. nag-U-UP Philcoa ako dati….. 😦

      Yes, it DOES sound unprofessional.

      However, it was NECESSARY to do it that way, AGAIN, to placate Dr. Amaal Rezk. He MUST be able to prove to the whole world that he mirrors her sentiments, indefatigable proof of his COMMITMENT to her pageant.

      Parang panliligaw din ‘yan. To get the girl’s heart, you have to be there for her at her dark moment. You have to be that MAN for her!

      Tandaan natin’g lahat : Pageant titlists come and go. PAGEANT BRANDS ENDURE. 🙂

  4. DAPAT HINDI na NAG-ISSUE ng PUBLIC STATEMENT si ALV. ANO ANG MAKUKUHA NIYA from THIS (BAD) PUBLICITY STUNT? DADAMI lang ang FILIPINO PAGEANT FANS na MAIINIS sa kanya. SINIRA PA niya ang REPUTASYON ni MAUREEN na MAGANDA PA NAMAN ang CHANCES sa interntional pageants katulad ng Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International at Miss Intercontinental. Si ALV na naman ngayon ang nasa HOT SPOT! BAKLANG TO. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Mukha’ng napahiya si ALV kay Dr. Amaal Rezk. See my comment below to @ PB.

      Tandaan mo how she even joined that now-dethroned (inaugural) MEco Teen-Philippines (for the attitude issues and the naked photos on IG) on a DENR(?)-sponsored seminar, an apparent show of confidence in the capability of MWP organization to further the MEcoInt brand in the country? Dr. Rezk was probably counting on MM to “go that extra mile” for her. Maybe she expressed her disappointment to ALV personally….?

      This, to me, is NOT simply a publicity stunt to discredit MM. Rather, It is a public expression of his commitment to Dr. Rezk. That is how much he values her. I hope she finds it pleasing. 🙂

      • BUT Flor pag nag-issue ka ng (official statement) ng isang organization like MWP, it SHOULD NOT BE EMOTIONALLY LADEN LIKE the ONE POSTED ABOVE. IT LOOKS AND IT SOUNDS LIKE THOSE ARTICLES PRINTED IN SHOWBIZ MAGAZINES WAY BACK in the 80s. Ma-remember mo pa ba yun Flor, yung mga tinitinda sa bangketa katulad nung sa Philcoa (kung saan sumasakay ang mga schoolmate mong mahihirap papasok sa iyong unibersidad). He, he, he…

  5. Sayang din naman kasi. Bata pa naman siya. Tignan mo hindi niya tinangap ang title dahil sa bbpilipinas eh mukhang wala namang international pageant ngayon. nagsimula na magcancel. MI wala this year. Hanggat walang vaccine, walang gustong maglamyerda.

    Yan din napala ng Miss Eco, ayaw mag back 2 back kaya nakarma.

  6. Nagwarla ang veks!!!! hihihihih… Vitter and vekla!!!!

    I understand Maureen. 2020 is very uncertain for everything and everyone right now. She is smart to think long term that this year is already a wash. It very unforgettable. We also want a reset.

    He should focus instead on getting that second blue crown…

  7. Paano po naging unbecoming blah blah. Nagpasa na po ng crown Kay Kelly day. June 2020 na po.
    Dapat ba pag sumali NG mwp forever NG di pwd sumali for life??
    Baka di nyo Lang MA swallow na kf ang mukhang mananalo NG ms supra pH or MIp. Hindi yun alaga nilang tuod

  8. He speaks as if he is not the National Director of MWP Org. His tone and word choice are unprofessional. I understand that Maureen’s contract with MWP Org might still have not ended before she joined BBP (parang contracts ng BPCI na may extra months after i-pass ang crown), so ALV should have just focused on the legal implications of the matter. Instead he chose to make this statement so personal, attacking the character of Maureen, painting her as a greedy person as if pursuing another dream/opportunity is a mortal sin. The last two sentences of this ‘formal statement’ send contradicting messages and if anything, this statement just makes ALV look more and more like he feels inferior compared to BPCI.

  9. Bagay ba sya ipadala sa Miss Grand?
    Hmmmm.. its like a double edged sword…
    I wonder how SMA and Nawat would react to this?

  10. Magulo din toh. Paano magiging back to back eh. Sabi sa balita technically tapos na yung reign hindi pa lang naipasa kasi pandemic. Pero naka 1 year na yung winner. Mas magulo na disappointed ka pero binigyan mo pa rin ng blessing. Hindi ba pwedeng Black or white lang. Laging may gray.

    • Hindi natatapos ang reign hanggat hindi ka nakapag crown ng bagong queen.

      • @ Padede Boy But that, in theory, could stretch the reign/contract indefinitely. In any case,….

        On her IG (?) post, M said she had consulted BOTH organizations – BPCI & MWP – about the matter. Ngayon, sinasabi ni ALV na hindi sila kinausap? So, sinungaling si M? She “… did not accord proper courtesy….”. Tama ba intiende ko?

        Napahiya si ALV kay Dr. Rezk. 😦

        Nakita (din) siguro ng handlers ni M how much following she generates, so they opted as they did.

        What I would like to see is how this affects what I think is the cordial relation between the two National organizations.

      • @Flor, see, that’s the thing. This could have all been avoided kung nung una pa lang kinausap na ni Arnold si Maureen na “teh di ka pa pwedeng sumali sa ibang pageant kasi runner up ka pa sa Miss Eco”. Maureen joined BBP without much fanfare from the MWP Org. Tas ngayong nagkagipitan saka lang sila maghahabol? Eh kung hindi pa pala tapos contract ni Maureen sa kanila bat nila hinayaang mag apply sya sa Binibini?

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