8 comments on “Downy for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. Nilamon ni Sigrid lahat dito ah. Lamon na lamon din si farmer. Chweh!

  2. It was coming.


    Mr. Tinio, who is the CUTE guy at the back (in orange shirt)?

    Also, po, who is the candidate, standing, between (Isabela) Galeria and (Ysabelle) Ysmael? She is Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria?

    That can be a good Top 10. In ascending order, for me, mystery girl between Galeria & Ysmael, Akiyama, Amelinckx, Galeria, Ysmael, Ahmed (Kim Docekalova), Mateo (Patraporn Wang), Flores (Thanatchapohn Boonsang), Piczon (Miriam Somnprommas), and Malinao (Paweensuda Drouin).

  3. The scented Downy variant endorsed by Pia shifted the brand’s historical narrative from mother to woman, connecting with her distinct identity. Downy’s narrative is now how the fragrance of clean soft clothes reflect’s a woman’s unique essence—caring, compassionate, and in this video clip, phenomenal!.

  4. The core benefit from a Downy product is fabric softness. Its brand message invites everyone to feel her soft spot for things around her, evoking emotions of tenderness, affection, endearment, caring, and compassion. Any advocacy that will trigger an emotional connection to consumers to feel more of life’s simple joys would be compatible with Downy’s brand values.

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