14 comments on “On the cover of Philippines Tatler: Jeremy Jauncey and Pia Wurtzbach

  1. Hmm…I have been waiting for Pia to become a Bond Girl. This is the nearest that she can be at least on how she looks.

  2. Pia likes shorties
    I think the US doc has been the best so far

    • Doctor Mike is 6’3″

      Marlon is 5’9 1/2

      Jeremy Jauncey is like around 5’11

      How are they short?!

      Maybe what you mean is that Pia is into guys with a slim built? Cause she didn’t hook-up w/ Tim Tebow who’s also 6’3″.. unless the football star’s “No sex till marriage” turned her off…

  3. Guys, watch the new DOWNY campaign video featuring Queen P & MUP 2020 candidates. 🙂

  4. Deadly combination,

    Guy is Irish-Colombian!
    Girl is German-Pinoy!

    Chismis sa FB,

    Na-caught off cam daw ang girlalu na ang ex-race track driver eh hindi kalakihan ang cargada na isa daw sa reason kaya medio na-bored na si girlalu sa kanya! Ahihi!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson @ Closer2Fame said he was Scot- , not Irish – , Colombian.

      @ Closer2Fame also said it was due to MS not having any other persuasion nor drive (pun NOT intended) in life.

      ‘Eh, ano naman kung dyuts? ‘Di ba nakabuo na siya sa iba’ng ghorl before MU 2015? 🙂

  5. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


    Mr. Tinio, does this also mean JJ will be represented by Mercator/EmpirePH, if he isn’t already?

  6. jusko itong tatler na ito too late
    matagal na namen alam
    sa Instagram andun naman lahat matagal na

    • @ kembular2020 It smells like a publicity/marketing pitch. For what, that’s the question. 🙂

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