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  1. Okay Norman. Thanks a LOT for the INFORMATION and the necessary correction. Anyway, PLEASE RELAY MY MESSAGE TO THEM (whoever they are). Again, thanks a LOT. Good AM.

  2. I THINK THIS IS THE BEST TIME FOR the MAPI OWNERS/ORGANIZERS TO EVALUATE or REEVALUATE its PAGEANT. STARTING with its NAME, IT’S ONE of the WORST (MOST STUPID) IF NOT THE WORST in the ENTIRE WORLD. The word ASIA already MEANS international. PACIFIC widens its international coverage. So Miss ASIA (international) PACIFIC (international) INTERNATIONAL (international) is VERY REDUNDANT. IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE (truly) GLOBAL, they SHOULD CHANGE the PAGEANT’S NAME. AND IF THE PAGEANT CELEBRATES BEAUTY in DIVERSITY, MAYBE they can rename it into Miss DIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL(E). WITH E (French influence) to make it UNIQUE from other international pageants title wise.

    Norman PLEASE, PLEASE RELAY this message of mine to Cory Quirino and the male owner because I know YOU ARE CLOSE to them. Thanks a lot.

    ANOTHER THING IS THAT the PAGEANT’S PRODUCTION IS VERY SIMILAR to OTHER national and international pageants in format. They should make INNOVATIONS to make it stands out from the rest of the so called ‘minor’ pageants.

    • Hi Pierro, Ms Cory Quirino and Fred Yuson are behind Mutya Pilipinas. MAPI is headed by a different group. 🙂

      • Okay Norman. Thanks a LOT for the INFORMATION and the necessary correction. Anyway, PLEASE RELAY MY MESSAGE TO THEM (whoever they are). Again, thanks a LOT. Good AM.

  3. Everybody’s attention will be on MEP because it will be the earliest online national pageant to be held. Maybe other national pageant organizations can observe how it is being done online. If it will be successful, I hope others will follow suit.

  4. If Mutya 2020 edition will push through, and most likely an online event, what prevents the organizers from staging a similar online event for Miss API 2020? Note that even if countries open up for business in the 3rd or 4th quarter, the new normal will still be inevitable, and the economic fallout of this pandemic will translate into skyrocketing costs of airfare, hotel accomodation and other services. In other words, an online Miss API 2020 seems to be the only viable option as of now. Since country reps can simply be selected by the country NDs, what could be the reason for the suspension? Is it lack of interest of franchise holders to participate in an “unexciting” online contest? Is it lack of corporate sponsors to their online contest?

    • Realistically, MAPI’s advocacy of “celebrating beauty in diversity” may have difficultry attracting corporate sponsors on an online event, especially at this time. “Celebrating beauty in adversity” may yet do the trick. And MAPI may not yet have enough brand equity to attract pay-per-view viewers.

    • The same fate may befall other international pageants without a clear advocacy that defines and drives their brand equity. If business realities would give them no other option but an international online pageant, enlisting corporate sponsors and institutional partners may be a huge challenge without brand values to associate their product brands with. With diminished entertainment value, an online pageant’s selling point to corporate sponsors lies only on positive brand values that hit consumers’ psyche and promote emotional triggers of hope, confidence, joy, belongingness and other values emanating from the intellectual and virtue facets of beauty.

  5. Pero, Mr. Tinio, tuloy ang Mutya 2020 Nationals, ayon na rin kay Pangulong Fred Yuson.

    Boss Blogger, halimbawa mag-back-out ang sinuman’g kandidata sa MUP, MPE, o BBP 2020 upang sumali sa MP, is there a penalty?

    Hindi na nakabalik ‘yung 2019 titlist nila na polyglot from Andalucia. Spanish, Danish, German, English, and Dutch, right po?

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