18 comments on “normannorman.com’s Early Favorites for Miss Philippines Earth 2020

  1. Hi Sir Norman,
    Mura lang po ang bayad para mawala yung watermark na “Kinemaster”.
    I downloaded Filmorago, kaparehas nyan and 99 pesos lang ang binayad ko para alisin nila ang tatak nila.

  2. Hi Norman. Not bad for a first timer. I love the way you enumerated your early favorites. It is direct and straightforward. You are calculating too.I am looking forward to your future vlogs.

    • Thanks for the kind words, serge. I was sweating bullets while recording because it was really hot and humid. But since I wanted to do it in our lanai, I had to make do with two electric fans directed at me.

  3. KAHIT SINO PA ANG MANALO sa Miss Philippines Earth this year, the MORE IMPORTANT thing is that the HIGHEST POSITION that she CAN GET in Miss Earth is ONLY UP to FIRST RUNNER UP (Miss AIR). The ME Organization SHOULD NOT CROWN a FILIPINA in the NEXT 5 YEARS (at the very least), otherwise LALO niyang SISIRAIN ang PANGIT na niyang REPUTASYON sa global pageantry.

    SO WHOEVER WINS MPE, DO NOT EXPECT TO WIN THE ME CROWN. The most that you can get is to be the Miss Air, or else the Miss Earth, the Philippines and the Filipinos will be back AGAIN in the spotlight of more controversies and bashing from all over the Earth.


    • Shane Tormes got this in the bag!!

      Oh… but wait… isnt she Aces & Queens? A KF girl has better chance in this gig..

      • My honest opinion ..
        Tito Norman , I can give you an A+ on blogging but definitely an F on vlogging. Your English is ‘flawless’ but your delivery is dead and the noise in the background makes it worse .
        Pls raise your voice and give some energy . Have an interesting guest and let him/her life to the vlog . Also speak in the language you use everyday . If it is Tagalog or Taglish , do it .Sierra B and the Sovereign are very interesting to watch because they use their native tongue . Adam G and Laila use Taglish and they are fine.

        This is only your first vlog . I know you are a fighter You will be fine .

      • @C2F and @ Flor both Shane (ever since) and Jaime (at the time she won ME2014) were from KF. Rumors have been afloat at the earlier part of this year that Jaime transferred to A&Q in pursuit of a much bigger crown

    • It will be unfair for soon-to-be crowned MPE not to be given the chance to win ME simply because she is a Filipina and the pageant will be held in her own country, even if she is the most deserving. We have found the formula in winning an international crown and we have proven that for the last ten years. 2 MUs, 2 MIs, 3 MEs, and 1 MW are proofs to that. Not to mention our victories in several minor international pageants. In fact, we have surpassed the achievements of other pageant powerhouses such as Venezuela, USA, and India. In any form of competition, host delegate has always the homecourt advantage, much more in beauty pageant where judging is subjective.

      • @ serge You meant “judging is objective”. Meaning, level playing field. Right, po? 🙂

  4. Mr. Tinio, the wind outside was quite strong; the leaves were swaying! Was there a thunderstorm?

    Felicitations on the maiden issue of Norma’s vlog! We look forward to life-on-the-road with you, po.

    When will Mars Franz raid your bag? 🙂

      • ERRATUM.


        Sorry, po. Nagmamadali kasi’ng mag-type…Nagpapaalam na WIFI. Sabado kasi, marami online.

    • Flor. the judge oftentimes score the candidates based on his/her own standard of beauty and sometimes on who is more popular and favorite. Those who get the loudest cheers may get high scores. That is why it is subjective.

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