5 comments on “Alexandra Abdon: Paying it forward to the Out-of-School Youth

  1. Lol sorry , I’m using my phone so . I could barely see anything . So based on the schools she went to , she was not exactly an academic achiever . Not that it matters but it’s different when they are from UP Lasalle Ateneo or a similar school , they come with class and great level of confidence …. like Kylie Bella and Shamcey.

  2. She’s very pretty with little make up on
    But the way she talks , parang yung ipin sagabal. Kabado kulang sa public exposure talaga.
    I didn’t get too much info about her
    Wheee did she go to school?
    What’s her profession ?
    Tito Norman, pls provide some specific details about her

    SA-Philppines -SA-Philippines
    Bella MU 2020

    • @ Fabian Reyes The scholastic and professional information are provided in the article.

      NU, muna, HRM. Ta’s, nag-shift sa Arellano U, kumuha ng Tourism Management.

      She currently works as Marketing Director and Creative Consultant for a franchising company. She also has a cafe in Pasig City.


      It will be beginner’s luck for The Camp if Bella wins MUP, and MU later on. For sure, it would result in a deluge of applicants. But as Mr. Tinio says, they only work on not more than three (3) trainees for now.

  3. This is another extremely raw girl
    Iba talaga si Bella Ysmael. She’s got everything a Miss U should have . If she doesn’t win this yr , Bella should try next yr

    Alaiza can be a runner up
    Michelle can be a top 20
    Apriel can be a top 5
    But I really have high hopes for Bella. Kaya talaga nyang manalo . She’s classy well-spoken at ok sa rampahan.

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